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When is a Sprinkler System Required in a Commercial Building

Fire safety is something everyone should be concerned with, from homeowners to property owners and managers. If a fire breaks out, it poses a great danger not only to the property, but to the people as well. This is why there are local, state and federal fire safety requirements. You need to fulfill them to pass fire sprinkler testing certification in Orange County. So, you might be asking yourself “When is a sprinkler system required in a commercial building?” Don’t worry, we have all the answers to fire sprinkler-related questions.

What is the purpose of a fire sprinkler system?

Fire sprinkler systems are an excellent addition to fire safety in any type of building. Unlike a fire alarm system which serves to alert us and which can be monitored, they present an active measure of protection against fire, which makes them equally important. Their overall concept includes detecting heat from a fire source, which triggers the individual sprinkler heads. They then spray water to try and extinguish the fire or at least slow it down until the firefighters arrive.

When is a fire sprinkler system required in a commercial building – NFPA 13

As we mentioned previously, there is a set of standards regulating the need for fire sprinkler system installation. NFPA 13 is the national standard which is adopted and applied across the country. It provides the basic set of rules and regulations, with possible local additions in different states.

In short, your commercial building is very likely to need a fire sprinkler system, unless it falls into certain exceptions. These usually include only certain rooms, such as ones with generators, transformers and other electrical equipment, rooms made of non-combustible materials and historical archives.

Fire area

In California, the answer to the question “When is a sprinkler system required in a commercial building?” is common knowledge. There’s a sprinkler system in almost every new property, especially if its fire area exceeds 5000 square feet. Any type of renovation or remodeling which extends the area beyond the mentioned 5000 square feet also requires fire sprinklers to be installed. Another case is when a single tenant expansion brings the overall fire area beyond 12000 square feet.


Every townhome which includes more than two residential units must have a fire sprinkler system. In case older homes need a permit for an expansion, they will also require sprinklers. This also includes higher buildings, which are over 55 feet tall.

Fire pumps

Fire pumps boost the pressure in fire sprinkler systems when needed, as a required addition. Preferably, they should be put in a separate building, or at least a special room with an exterior entrance.

Water supply control valves

They need to be well-protected, clearly marked and easily accessible for quick operation when needed.

Self-storage facilities

Automatic sprinklers need to be installed all through the facility, except when they have one story and no interior corridor.

When is a fire sprinkler required in a commercial building in Orange County? Just ask Red Truck!

Fulfilling every fire sprinkler code requirement can be an arduous task if you do it alone. Thankfully, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company has exactly the right kind of experience to help you with that. We possess the relevant know-how for all aspects of fire safety, be it fire sprinkler installation, inspection or repair. We always put safety first, providing you with top-notch service at an affordable cost. Contact us today to see us work our magic!

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