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What Should Businesses Know About Fire Prevention Plans?

Businesses need to comply with a wide set of regulations regarding fire prevention and safety. For instance, businesses need to create properly devised fire prevention plans to protect their employees in San Bernardino or some other area in Southern California.

From introducing adequate fire extinguishers to employee fire safety education, a fire prevention plan consists of certain precautionary measures that can help you, an employer, protect your employees and business.

However, to create an adequate fire prevention plan and prepare your employees for a fire emergency, you first need to inform yourself about the applicable regulations and what a fire plan actually entails.

What is a fire prevention plan?

What is a fire prevention planA fire prevention plan is a set of guidelines and measures that have the aim to protect employees of a particular company, reduce their exposure to fire hazards, and ensure a company’s compliance with relevant regulations. Furthermore, this plan is an official written document that should be available to employees at all times, posted for regular review, and kept in the office.

However, according to certain OSHA standards, if an employer has a large number of employees, the plan can also be communicated orally to employees. If an employer has a small company with fewer than ten employees, they need to provide them with a copy of the official fire prevention plan.

Additionally, more complex matters, such as whether the building design can be improved to reduce exposure to fire hazards, are not covered in fire prevention plans. Instead, it can be understood as a type of outline of the most important fire prevention aspects in the workplace.

What OSHA standards require a fire prevention plan?

The OSHA regulates workplace fire safety standards, which includes the regulations for fire safety plans. According to these requirements, a fire prevention plan must cover the following aspects:

  • If a company employs more than 10 employees, the employer must discuss the aspects of their fire prevention plan orally.
  • All possible fire hazards should be listed in a fire prevention plan, including their possible points of ignition.
  • The plan must specify the available fire protection equipment and the procedures for their use in the event of a fire.
  • In this plan, the employer also needs to name the person responsible for fire equipment maintenance and supervision of fire hazards.
  • Control measures for flammable wastes should also be listed in the fire prevention plan, as well as maintenance steps for equipment used to control and protect machinery-caused heat.
  • Additionally, upon hiring new employees, the employer must notify them of the present fire hazards and their exposure to them.

How many fire extinguishers should a business have?

To create an adequate fire prevention plan, employees must include the required equipment that can help employees control fire. Of course, the use of fire extinguishers is a common method of preventing small fires from spreading throughout the office.How many fire extinguishers should a business have

However, when it comes to the implementation of fire extinguishers in the workplace, employers and building managers need to consider diverse regulations. One of the standards they need to have in mind when equipping their offices with fire extinguishers is related to the fire extinguisher number.

How many fire extinguishers you should introduce depends on the size of the building/office area and the class of fire extinguisher you need. Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Every 30 feet: Class K fire extinguishers
  • Every 50 feet: Class B fire extinguishers
  • Every 75 feet: Class A and D fire extinguishers
  • Based on Class A & B fire hazard patterns: Class C fire extinguishers

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