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Why Does My Home Fire Alarm Keep Going Off?

how to turn off fire alarmFire alarms are an integral part of home fire safety, which are meant to warn all occupants of a fire hazard. They are there to tell them to evacuate the premises and this is why they are made to be loud. Keeping them fully operational should be one of your top priorities and this can be done by hiring certified fire alarm testing companies in San Diego.

When they are not properly maintained, fire alarms can go off at any time which can be very unpleasant for anyone around. To prevent this from happening, regular fire alarm inspection should be scheduled every once in a while. In case it does happen, there are several things you need to know which could help you.

How to turn off your home’s fire alarm?

Fire alarms can help in the early identification and remediation of fires and there are several levels of fire alarm emergencies identified by local fire departments in San Diego. They can only do that if they are fully functional, otherwise they might go off with no good reason.

If the alarm goes off when there’s no emergency in your home, here’s what to do:

Press the silence button

If you have a modern fire alarm, and hopefully this is the case, it should have a built-in silence button. When you press it, your alarm will be temporarily disabled, usually for about 15-20 minutes, during which period it will not register anything that would otherwise set it off. Some alarms combine the silence button with a test button, used to check if the sound system is operational.

Remove the power source

If the silence button hasn’t stopped the alarm from sounding or your alarm doesn’t have one, it’s time to locate and remove its power source. This means rotating it counter-clockwise and pulling out the batteries or a cable which is attached to the walls or ceilings. There will be more word on this later on.

Consult the manual or call the pros

There are different types of fire alarms, each with its own mechanism of operation and switching off. They might be designed so that you can’t find their power button or power source without consulting the user manual, but it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to solve the issue.

How to change fire alarm battery?

how to change fire alarm battery

One of the ways to solve the problem of a fire alarm going off when it’s not supposed to is to change its batteries. Sometimes it will produce a chirping sound which lets you know there is no power left in the batteries. If it has been six months since the last change, it’s probably time to do it again and here are the necessary steps.

Remove the cover

Every detector has a cover or body which needs to be removed very gently by a turning motion. It might have a bracket in which it’s locked, in which case you will need a screwdriver to rotate it counter-clockwise. There are several parts inside, including the horn and the battery.

Change the battery

Remove the battery from its holding place and replace it with a new one, taking care of the male and female terminal connectors being properly placed. Purchase some high quality batteries for the alarm, because they are a better investment in the long run than cheaper ones.

Put the cover back

When you are done, the cover needs to be placed back or the body of the alarm returned to its original place. Put it back into its base and use the screwdriver again if necessary.

Test the alarm

When everything is back in its place, you should try to push the test button to see if the battery is operational. It should produce a short sound letting you know everything is in order. You don’t have to wait for the alarm to beep again before you change the battery next time, if it has been six months, you can do it again.

How to reset fire alarm?

One more thing you should know about the fire alarm system in your home is how to reset it if necessary. It’s important to check whether it’s an electric alarm with battery backup or if it’s completely battery powered. Again, this is something best left to pros. While they are doing that, you’ll have just enough time to take a walk along Switzer Canyon!

Electric fire alarm

  • Shut the main breaker – It’s located in the breaker box, usually outside the house, and it provides electrical power to the fire alarm.
  • Open the alarm – Use the above-mentioned instructions about how to change the batteries to learn how to open the cover or remove the alarm from its bracket.
  • Push the test button – Press and hold it for about 15 seconds, after which a short alarm or horn should sound.
  • Put it back – Reconnect everything and turn it back on. You should hear a single chirp indicating everything is working.

Battery powered fire alarm

  • Remove the battery – Find where the battery is located and remove it.
  • Press the test button – This step is the same as above and includes holding down the test button.
  • Return the battery – Put the battery back inside the fire alarm and close it. There should be a single chirp confirming reconnection.

how to reset fire alarm

Commercial fire alarms systems. In case you are experiencing an issue with your building’s fire alarm, it’s essential that you leave it to the pros. Only a reliable, certified fire protection company can properly tackle any fire alarm problem. Contact your fire protection service provider as soon as possible.

Who knows the best way to disable your fire alarm in San Diego? Red Truck Fire & Safety

If you find your fire alarm going off uncontrollably and causing you headaches, something definitely isn’t right. You can try something from the list above in the hope that you will fix it, or you can call the best fire alarm testing company in San Diego. Red Truck knows everything there is about fire alarms and we can help you with any related issue you are facing.

Our broad scope of services includes fire alarm sales, installation, maintenance and repair. We have all the necessary certification for each segment of our operation, making us the experts on the topic. You can rely on the job being done expertly and swiftly, because we use only top-notch equipment in the process.

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