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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

What triggers fire sprinklersA great number of properties across California, whether they are commercial or residential, are required to have fire sprinklers. However, not everyone knows enough about how fire sprinklers function aside from a few general facts.

What’s more, some individuals think that fire sprinkler systems can activate easily due to a false alarm, causing even more damage to their properties. Of course, this is a common misconception because fire sprinklers are an essential component of adequate fire safety and prevention at any property. 

So, don’t you worry. Unless your fire sprinklers start leaking, which a trusted fire sprinkler service company in Orange County can easily resolve, there’s almost no risk of fire sprinklers damaging your property due to false triggering. 

What triggers fire sprinklers?

Each fire sprinkler contains a trigger mechanism that activates the system in case of a fire. This trigger is typically in the form of a glass ampule. Within this ampule, there’s glycerin-based liquid sensitive to heat. Once it’s heated, this liquid stars expanding, breaking the ampule and activating the fire sprinkler system. 

There’s another type of trigger mechanism that contains two plates made of metal. These metal plates are connected by a solder point that melts at a certain temperature. Once it melts, it causes the plates to move apart and trigger a plug. However, this type of mechanism is less commonly used than the first one. 

Common causes of fire sprinkler activation

There are a few situations in which fire sprinklers can activate, including:

  • An actual fire. Of course, this is the most obvious trigger. The heat of around 155-165°F causes a fire sprinkler system to activate.
  • Overheating. In some cases, sprinklers can activate when they detect a predetermined level of heat. This may happen when they’re located too close to a heater, construction lighting, direct exposure to highlights, etc. 
  • Faults or system issues. For instance, fire sprinkler systems can be triggered due to a manufacturing defect, pipe corrosion, freezing pipes, or some other form of malfunction. 

How sensitive are fire sprinklers?

One of the reasons why people are reluctant to install fire sprinklers is because they believe this type of system is overly sensitive and can be easily triggered. Some individuals even think that fire sprinklers can cause more damage to their properties than an actual fire.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about fire sprinklers:How sensitive are fire sprinklers

  • All of the fire sprinkler heads go off at once, causing more damage than a fire. However, the heads actually activate separately, with one or two being able to control a residential fire. Also, fire, smoke, and firefighting hose-lines cause significantly more damage than the water from fire sprinklers. 
  • Fire sprinklers can be triggered by a false alarm. Studies have shown that accidental activation of fire sprinklers is highly unlikely, with only 1 in 16 million fire sprinkler heads activating by accident. 
  • Fire sprinkler systems are not effective or reliable. This is another common myth that people have about fire sprinklers. Yet, research has found that fire sprinklers are highly reliable and effective in 95% of cases. 
  • You don’t need fire sprinklers if you have smoke alarms. These two systems are completely different and don’t provide the same level of fire protection. While smoke alarms are activated by smoke and give off an audible warning, fire sprinklers are activated by heat (typically at 165°F). Smoke alarms cannot put out fires; fire sprinklers can. 

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Red Truck Fire & Safety is a trusted provider of fire sprinkler services across Orange County and San Diego County. We specialize in servicing both residential and commercial fire sprinklers, providing our local community with all the support needed. 

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