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Smoke Vent Skylights

A smoke vent system is an integral part of an active fire protection plan. It’s intended for removing smoke from a building on fire. Smoke vent skylights are mounted on the roof and serve to keep the exit routes visible, and to get rid of excess smoke.

Installing a smoke ventilation system is mandatory and regulated by law. Make sure you include it in your fire protection plan.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the #1 choice for smoke vent skylights services in California. We specialize in smoke vent skylights sales and service, including faultless installation and inspection. Reach out to us – today!

Smoke Vent Skylights Sales California

Red Truck offers quality smoke vent skylights for different building types and sizes. We also have a capable team in place to inspect your premises and determine the most suitable products relative to its size and requirements. Consult us and make an informed purchasing decision!

When you choose a product provided by Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, you choose quality, durability and superior performance. All the products in our inventory are tried-and-tested protection solutions developed by renowned brands.

Smoke Vent Skylights Installation and Repair

Purchasing a quality product is as important as proper installation. Choose the best in terms of workmanship with Red Truck Fire & Safety Company! Our technical team has the experience and know-how to install different smoke vent skylights promptly, with minimum inconvenience to your daily routine.

In addition to exceptional installation services, we offer an after-care service package, including maintenance and repairs. While quality products and installation go a long way in ensuring optimum performance, don’t take any piece of fire safety equipment for granted – account for preventative maintenance and checkups of your smoke vents and skylights!

Smoke Ventilation System Inspection

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a member of NFPA® and NAFED – a testimony to our skill, knowledge and reliability. We are here to provide an outstanding service but also to remind you of the legal requirements regarding fire safety and protection. Inspections are an important part of a fire safety plan, so don’t neglect them!

Our team boasts a vast hands-on experience inspecting different smoke vent systems throughout California. They can anticipate possible issues and go an extra mile to ensure the system is in excellent condition.

Be sure that we won’t let any signs of deterioration slide under our radar. Our meticulous inspections will detect any issues, after which we will take necessary measures. We will also prepare a document with inspection details and results to keep our work accountable.

#1 Smoke Vent System Service and Skylight Sales in California

Red Truck is a trusted fire safety and protection company, proudly serving California. We boast the licenses and certifications that speak volumes of the qualifications of our team and the quality of our service. We are a versatile team of fire safety professionals and provide services that range from sales and installations to inspections and repairs of your smoke vent system and skylights. If you need to purchase smoke vent skylights, have them installed or serviced – Red Truck is a phone call away!

Browse through our inventory and make a purchase of your smoke vent system or skylights online or call us for more information at (800) 973-3878 – we are here for all your fire safety needs!


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