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Unparalleled Fire Sprinklers Installation and Maintenance in San Bernardino

A number of obligations and requirements come with owning a residential property, or a property with commercial purposes. An owner of any of these types of property is required to ensure and guarantee that appropriate measures have been taken to keep the property and the lives of its occupants safe.

Protection from a potential fire hazard is one of the most important obligations, and fully functional fire sprinklers can go a long way in taking swift action in the event of fire. To be sure your property safety is in accordance with the California Code of Regulations, contact the finest fire sprinkler service San Bernardino can offer. With Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, your fire sprinklers will be in tip-top shape at all times!

San Bernardino fire sprinkler sales – an opportunity you should not miss

An obligatory fire protection plan consists of many aspects, and one of the crucial ones is obtaining functional fire sprinklers. A fire sprinkler system is useful as it can help protect humans and buildings from the damaging effects of smoke, heat and flames. 

When visiting Red Truck, don’t miss our amazing fire sprinkler sales.

We provide a variety of high-quality fire sprinklers brands, installation tools and parts, such as:

  • Sprinkler Head Cages
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads (Chrome, White, Brass, Sidewall, Pendant, Upright…)
  • Sprinkler Head Box and Cabinets
  • Sprinkler Wrenches
  • Auto Fire Sprinkler Covers (Escutcheon, Trim Ring, Cover Plate, Circular Rings)
  • Fire Sprinkler Gauges and Valves
  • Fire Department Connection Parts
  • Plugs, Caps and Chains for FDC & Standpipe (Aluminum, Plastic, Brass)
  • Sprinkler Identification Signs, Labels and Tags
  • Hydraulic Calculation Signs

Feel free to browse our rich online database, choose the items you need, and simply add them to your shopping cart or give us a call for help and guidance.

Expert fire sprinkler installation for your San Bernardino home or office

A fire sprinkler system may look like a simple enough build, as it consists of nothing but pipes and sprinkler heads. Be careful, however – there’s more to it than meets the eye. It is a complex structure that requires careful, responsible handling. In other words, it is a job best left to an experienced fire sprinkler service.

After installation, fire sprinklers will need to be regularly maintained so as to ensure their optimal performance. Freezing or high temperatures, rust, and corrosion may weaken the piping, raising the chances of breakage.
Red Truck Fire & Safety team is here to keep an eye on your fire sprinkler system, so you do not need to fear that about any malfunctions or system failure – ever!

Fire sprinkler testing and inspection for San Bernardino residents

According to the law, property owners are required to schedule both annual and quarterly fire protection system inspections. This is a very important part of your fire sprinkler setting maintenance, and under no circumstances should these inspections be avoided. Contact Red Truck, and our capable team will come right to your address, to carefully check all the valves, gauges, assemblies, and water flow-related processes.

If your fire sprinkler system needs any repairs, our trusted technicians will let you know immediately. We will handle the repairs with meticulous attention to detail and extreme caution. We will not leave the location until your fire sprinkler system is working without a hitch, and the possibility of system failure has been eliminated.

Mandatory San Bernardino fire sprinkler 5-year certification

In addition, passing a fire sprinkler 5-year test is a requirement that should not be forgotten. CCR standards prescribe this step to ensure the proper functionality and safety of all fire protection systems, including fire sprinklers. 

Equipped with extensive experience in conducting these tests, our team of technicians will be there for you, helping you keep your fire sprinklers in excellent shape. After each 5-year inspection, you will be provided with a document, stating that the inspection took place and elaborating the findings and the state of your fire sprinkler system.

The leading fire sprinkler service that keeps San Bernardino safe

Red Truck Fire & Safety, a licensed contractor that takes pride in serving the community with knowledgeable, careful, and professional approach in dealing with fire sprinkler systems.

With our help, you can finally take a break from worrying about various standards and safety of your property. Contact us at (800) 973-3878 and learn more about the wide range of fire sprinkler systems and related services that we provide to San Bernardino residents!

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