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Premier Fire Extinguisher Service in San Bernardino

Merely owning a fire extinguisher in San Bernardino isn’t enough for your business to be in compliance with the California Code of Regulations. A number of factors must be considered in order to provide maximum safety to your visitors, employees, and property.

Fortunately, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the unprecedented fire extinguisher company in San Bernardino that can supply with the equipment you need to take timely action in the event of fire and put it out. Our services cover fire extinguisher installation, sales, recharging, maintenance, hydrostatic testing, and fire extinguisher repair in San Bernardino.

Fire extinguisher sales in San Bernardino

Red Truck Fire & Safety sells every type, brand, and size of industrial, residential, or business fire extinguisher in San Bernardino.

This includes wheeled and portable designs to best fit all your fire extinguisher needs.

  • Purple K Dry Chemical
  • Halon 1211
  • Compliance Flow
  • Regular Dry Chemical
  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • AFFF Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • D Class (Sodium/Salt)
  • Wet Chemical K Class (Kitchen)
  • Fast Flow
  • High Performance
  • Water H20
  • D Class (Copper/Lithium Alloy)
  • FFFP Foam
  • Water Mist Non Magnetic
  • Halotron I Clean Agent

Comprehensive fire extinguisher installation in San Bernardino

In order to get the most out of them, fire extinguishers must be correctly positioned and properly set up. Here at Red Truck Fire & Safety, we have licensed professionals who specialize in maximizing the fire safety factor on your premises by ensuring your fire extinguishers are always fully functional and ready to use. Our successful crew is yet to come across a fire extinguisher model they cannot install.

Our technicians are trained and equipped to analyze your premises and suggest the size and type of fire extinguisher that maximizes your property’s fire safety. When our technicians perform fire extinguisher installation in San Bernardino at your premises, you can sleep easy knowing everything is in compliance with California’s fire safety regulations.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company boasts membership in NEPA®, NAFED, and CalSafe. We will go beyond the call of duty to ensure your San Bernardino fire extinguisher system is 100% code-compliant.

Monthly fire extinguisher inspection

California Code of Regulations Title 019, Division 001, Chapter 3 Fire Extinguishers mandates monthly inspections of all fire extinguishers. While it’s possible to have these inspections done by the building’s proprietor or representative, it’s still safer to have them conducted by industry pros.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company’s technicians have extensive experience performing and documenting such inspections. In addition, they can provide Building Reports for 3rd party confirmation of services rendered that include time & date.

Fire extinguisher yearly maintenance

California Code of Regulations requires annual fire extinguisher maintenance. Our knowledgeable crew can perform these regular check-ups efficiently and in perfect compliance with the applicable regulations. They will also install a certification tag, confirming the fire extinguishers have passed maintenance, as well as provide date- and time-stamped Building Reports services confirmation reports as part of the yearly maintenance.

Unmatched fire extinguisher recharging in San Bernardino

All fire extinguishers must be recharged at specified intervals. California State Fire Marshal requires it, especially if a fire extinguisher is leaking or has been used. After a successful fire extinguisher recharging in San Bernardino, our technicians will issue a recharge collar as proof that the recharging had been performed.

Fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing

As mandated by California State Fire Marshal, fire extinguishers need to pass hydrostatic testing, typically performed at 5- or 12-year intervals. Hydrotests are in-shop tests that check the integrity of the cylinder on the fire extinguisher. This service can only be provided by qualified technicians.

Efficient fire extinguisher repair in San Bernardino

Whatever your fire extinguisher malfunction, you can rest assured that Red Truck Fire & Safety technicians can deal with it. Our service vehicles boast cutting-edge tools, and our technicians possess the know-how to conduct thorough fire extinguisher repair in San Bernardino.

The leading fire extinguisher service in San Bernardino

If you’re interested in improving fire safety by installing quality fire extinguishers in San Bernardino, Red Truck Fire & Safety is the company for you. We possess all the most important certifications and licenses in the relevant aspect of the fire safety industry. Our services cover repair, inspection, and maintenance of all things related to fire extinguishers.

Red Truck Fire & Safety has been licensed by California State Fire Marshal to conduct monthly inspections, yearly maintenance, hydrotests, and repairs. We’re eager to ensure your fire extinguisher in San Bernardino is in compliance with all safety codes. Reach out to us today by calling (800) 973-3878!

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