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Expert Fire Sprinkler Service Riverside CA Relies On

When it comes to the risk of a fire, implementing the appropriate security measures isn’t only the matter of respecting the California Code of Regulations. As a home or a business owner, you are obliged to do everything in your power to protect human lives and preserve property. To be sure that all fire sprinkler installations are performed safely and skillfully, you must contact a dependable fire sprinkler service in Riverside, CA.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a team of experienced, licensed professionals who know the ins and outs of fire sprinkler systems. Contact us today, and we can help you update and maintain your fire sprinkler system.

Not-to-Miss Fire Sprinkler Sales in Riverside, CA

Fire sprinklers are a more than a hundred-year-old invention, and they represent one of the essential parts of every home or office fire protection plan. They are designed to protect a property and its occupants from flame, smoke and heat. Make sure to visit one of our fire sprinkler sales in Riverside, CA.

At Red Truck, you will always find the finest fire sprinklers, sprinkler parts and tools:

  • Sprinkler Head Cages
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads (Chrome, White, Brass, Sidewall, Pendant, Upright…)
  • Sprinkler Head Box and Cabinets
  • Sprinkler Wrenches
  • Auto Fire Sprinkler Covers (Escutcheon, Trim Ring, Cover Plate, Circular Rings)
  • Fire Sprinkler Gauges and Valves
  • Fire Department Connection Parts
  • Plugs, Caps and Chains for FDC & Standpipe (Aluminum, Plastic, Brass)
  • Sprinkler Identification Signs, Labels and Tags
  • Hydraulic Calculation Signs

Shopping on our website is a straightforward process that saves you time. Take your pick from our top-notch fire sprinkler collection, and add your desired fire sprinkler system to your shopping cart. Looking for some help? Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right fire sprinkler system for your needs!

Fire Sprinkler Installation Riverside, CA Can Trust

The process of fire sprinkler installation itself is vital. Only a registered, licensed contractor should be considered for the job, as a sprinkler installation that’s carried out unprofessionally may cause dangerous system malfunctions.

Once installed, fire sprinklers seem like a simple system of pipes and sprinkler heads, but in reality, this system requires careful, expert handling. Fire sprinkler systems will also require regular maintenance and appropriate repairs in cases of freezing and overheating hazards, as well as looking out for corrosion and rust, which can compromise the piping.

When you partner up with Red Truck Fire & Safety Company for your fire sprinkler services, you can be sure that your fire sprinkler scheme is up to date, fully functional, and safe to use.

Meticulous Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

Better safe than sorry! Don’t forget that fire sprinkler system inspections must be scheduled on a quarterly and annual basis. Our fire sprinkler specialists will take the time to make thorough check-ups of your fire sprinkler setting, from taking a look at control valves, gauges, the main drain, and supervisory devices, to analyzing water supply pressure, water flow alarm devices and backflow preventer assemblies.

In case any fire sprinkler repairs need to be done, our technicians will provide a notice about the potential problems with your fire sprinklers, right on the spot. Have no fear – our capable team will work on removing the fire sprinkler malfunctions conscientiously and thoroughly, to make sure your fire sprinkler system works impeccably.

Obligatory 5-Year Fire Sprinkler Certification in Riverside, CA

Apart from mandatory annual and quarterly fire sprinklers testing and inspection, as a home or business owner, you are obliged to book a fire sprinkler 5-year test as well. Rely on our experience and expertise in the field of fire sprinkler systems, and let us help you meet the required California Code of Regulations, Title 19 conditions. Our accurate fire sprinkler inspections will be properly documented, helping you keep both your property and your family and/or employees safe at all times.

Opt for the Best: #1 Fire Sprinkler Contractor in Riverside, CA

Looking for secure, professional, reliable fire sprinkler services? Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is the place where your search for excellence in the field of fire sprinkler systems.

Red Truck is an experienced, licensed fire sprinkler contractor, and one of the most respected companies offering fire sprinkler services in Riverside County. Learn more by contacting us at (800) 973-3878!

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