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First Aid Kits, Cabinets and Supplies

Customer and employee safety is paramount for any business or commercial property owner in California who wants to comply with laws and regulations and ensure a safety-aware environment. Emergency can happen at any time to anyone. When it strikes, you want to be quick to react to mitigate the effects. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is here to provide you with all the solutions you need to ensure your business takes all preventative measures for fire safety.

Browse Our Selection of First Aid Kits, Cabinets and Supplies

If you are looking to equip your office or commercial space with first aid kits, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is sure to have the one that fits your needs. We carry an extensive variety of first aid kits that fit different space requirements for a range of workplaces.

First aid cabinets that you select should be long-lasting and made with the highest-quality materials. The cabinets on our offer fulfil that criteria, and have the added benefit of providing a highly efficient and compact storage that will take the least possible space.

Save time and get ready for any eventuality of emergency on your business or commercial premises. Rest assured that you have everything you need to provide first treatment to most emergencies, neatly organized and stored, with minimum disturbance to your space and décor.

Refilling First Aid Kits Available

Your first aid kits will only be ready for use if they are fully stocked with top quality products that have not expired or been used. When you purchase one of our cabinets, you can always have it restocked and refitted with a minimum turnaround time.

Ensure you can rely on your first aid kit if and when there is an emergency. We are here to offer you refills on demand as well as regular refills at intervals that suit you most – every month, quarter or year!

Have Your First Aid Kit Restocked and Sanitized

Your first aid kit must be clean, well-organized and sanitized so that it meets the safety criteria. Give Red Truck Fire & Safety the task of ensuring that your cabinet is thoroughly sanitized and protected from contamination.

Not only will we make sure that your first aid kits are sanitized, but also neat. Your first aid components will be organized and properly packed, so that everything is at hand and where it should be.

Eye Care and Eyewash Stations

Any workplace that could directly lead to an eye injury should have an eyewash station that provides the much needed immediate help in such an emergency.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company offers you eyewash stations which are wall-mounted, compact and easy to use. They are a convenient solution that ensures your employees have access to correct eye care, which could diminish or eliminate negative effects on their health.

Ensure your business complies with federal and state regulations and make your place of business safe for your employees.

Top-Notch Emergency Response Kits and Supplies in California

When you need a fire safety related product or service for your business or commercial space in California, make sure you reach out to Red Truck Fire & Safety Company. We are licensed and certified by industry-relevant bodies to provide you a wide and varied range of products and fire extinguisher services to make your business compliant and safe. Our seasoned technical team is at your service with their knowledge and expertise.

The areas we serve include:

San Diego, CA

Orange County, CA

Riverside, CA

San Bernardino, CA

Los Angeles, CA

When you need reliable, durable and first-rate quality cabinets and kits for first aid, fire suppression systemsfire protection clean agent fire extinguishers waterless systemsfire sprinklers including refills and supplies, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is right here for you! Call us today at (800) 973-3878!

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