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Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are a vital part of any business’s fire protection strategy. With a crucial role in preserving lives and property, fire hydrants are only reliable if they are durable, high-quality and regularly checked.

If you are looking to purchase fire hydrants or to sign up for regular maintenance, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is here for you. We are a trusted fire safety company in California and you can depend on us to adhere to the highest standards in the industry. We will provide you with first-rate fire hydrants and perform thorough inspection and testing, as well as reliable maintenance and repair for your fire hydrants.

Fire Hydrants To Purchase

Browse our large inventory of high-quality, long-lasting fire hydrants which are compliant with all current standards and regulations. Our fire hydrant selection offers you products designed to provide efficient fire protection in all weather conditions. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a member of NFPA®, NAFED and CALSAFE.

Redtruckfire also offers replacement parts for hydrants, such as caps, covers and markers.

Preventative Inspection for Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants must be both properly installed and maintained. Only then can you rest assured that everything has been done to ensure they will work if and when there is a fire emergency. Unless you have regular hydrant inspection and check-up, you can’t confidently rely on your hydrants.

Make sure that your fire hydrants will be up to the task if you ever need them. Red Truck Fire & Safety offers you hydrant inspection on a yearly and five-year basis. We will thoroughly test and inspect your hydrants to keep them at peak performance.

Testing Water Flow and Pressure

Flow and pressure testing checks whether your hydrant is able to deliver the expected water volume you may need in case of a fire. Red Truck Fire & Safety has a team of seasoned technicians who can perform this for you and make sure your hydrants stay efficient.

Sign up for our regular flow and pressure testing. Our skilled technicians will carry out comprehensive testing, at the same time detecting and fixing any potential issues.

Regular Maintenance and Repair for Fire Hydrants

Entrust Red Truck Fire & Safety with keeping your hydrants at peak performance. Our regular hydrant maintenance service will make sure that all performance issues are spotted and repaired before an emergency strikes. Knowing that your fire hydrants are reliable will give you peace of mind.

Hydrant inspection includes detecting worn out parts and taking the necessary steps to fix them. Any worn out parts will be repaired or replaced and moving components will be lubricated to ensure smooth operation. If a hydrant has developed a leak, it will be isolated and repaired so that there’s no water waste or water pressure drop.

Our team is at your disposal for whatever project you have concerning your fire hydrants! Not only can we inspect them and maintain them, but we can also repaint them and carry out height adjustments if you need them.

Trusted Fire Safety Company in California

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a renowned fire protection company serving businesses in California. We sell high-quality fire hydrants, and we offer top-notch fire hydrant inspection, maintenance and repair services. Carrying various certifications and licenses by relevant authorities, our team of seasoned and knowledgeable experts is here to deliver you first-class services when it comes to protecting your employees, partners, customers and business property from fire.

Feel free to browse our online selection of top-quality fire hydrants and sign up for our inspection and maintenance services. We are your trusted one-stop shop for everything related to fire hydrants. Reach out to us at (800) 973-3878!

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