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Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

In the case of a fire, the initial minutes are critical. The immediate response is crucial if you want to keep the lives of occupants, your property and other assets from the engulfing flames. This is when pre-engineered fire suppression systems come into play! They are the optimal solution for server rooms with electronic equipment and areas with sophisticated mechanics, commercial kitchens, restaurants, and industrial paint booths.

As a commercial property or business owner in California, you are required to equip your facility with an efficient fire safety and protection system. Browse through our online inventory of the finest pre-engineered fire suppression systems and get top-notch service that our technical team provides. Whether it’s fire suppression system installation, maintenance, testing & inspection, or repair, call us and see for yourself why California businesses have been relying on us for years!

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

There are three main types of these systems: water, inert gases and chemical agents. They can be automatic or manual. The purpose of all fire suppression systems is to put out a fire or stop it from spreading. Here are their main benefits:

  • Early detection & quick response: pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide quick on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire. Depending on the detection package, a pre-engineered system can respond at a set time or immediately.
  • Safe & convenient to use: fire suppression systems are automatic and, therefore, don’t require human intervention. They are easy and safe to use. However, they come with a manual so that you can use them manually in the case of an emergency.
  • Pre-engineered & tested: designed in accordance with NFPA 17a and 96, as well as tested to strict Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) testing protocols, pre-engineered fire suppression systems boast high performance, effectiveness, and reliability in any type of fire emergency.
  • Fuel source elimination: these systems can automatically eliminate the fuel source of a fire.

Sales of Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company offers a wide range of top-quality pre-engineered fire suppression systems. Here you can purchase FM-200 or clean water or waterless fire suppression solutions for every application.

You can choose from dry chemical suppression systems and wet chemical suppression systems, depending on the type of facility and production you want to protect. All fire suppression systems we provide are designed and tested for maximum performance and efficiency, as well as in accordance with stringent requirements and protocols.

Buy Dry Chemical Suppression Systems

If you are looking for efficient protection for your industrial setting, go for dry chemical suppression systems. Dry chemical compounds come in ABC or BC. They are the perfect alternative to water in places where water supply isn’t available or when materials react badly to water or inert gas systems.

Dry chemical suppression systems are easy to install and maintain but also require recharging after each use. Our skilled team at Red Truck Fire & Safety Company will see to it that your system is up to code!

Buy Wet Chemical Suppression Systems

A wet chemical agent is effective for suppressing fires in commercial kitchens and restaurant systems. When it is applied in a concentrated liquid form to a burning surface, it covers it with a foam blanket, reacting promptly with the cooking media, such as oils and fats. Along with the cooling effect, this chemical reaction diminishes possible fire re-flash.

Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Inspection & Testing

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company boasts a fully qualified, certified and licensed team of technicians with vast experience. They are the leading in the industry and have the expertise and equipment to provide any required fire suppression system inspection and testing.

We conduct comprehensive bi-annual and annual inspections and tests to ensure that your fire suppression system is compliant with NFPA and other standards. Whether you have a dry or wet chemical suppression system, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is here for any additional service and maintenance your California business needs! Call us today to schedule your bi-annual and annual inspection and testing!

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As a fire safety company serving California, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company takes pride in a skilled team of professionals, as well as in the selection of superior-quality fire suppression systems and related services!

To purchase high-performance pre-engineered fire suppression systems California businesses rely on, call us at (800) 973-3878. Our friendly and knowledgeable personnel will help you choose the right product(s) for your premises. Rest assured that we will diligently maintain, inspect and test any fire safety equipment in your facility to make sure it stays up to code!

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