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Fire Sprinkler Servicing & Testing

How do I test my home fire sprinkler systemProper maintenance of fire sprinklers is essential for their unhindered functioning. The matter of how often fire sprinklers should be serviced may vary from one state to another depending on relevant regulations. The type of fire sprinkler system you have installed may also affect how often you should have it inspected. 

“Should I book a fire sprinkler service near me or can I do it myself?” is another common question many homeowners have. While some simple maintenance checks aren’t that demanding, it’s still advisable that you leave fire sprinkler servicing to qualified pros. In addition, to meet relevant legal requirements, you also need to have a certificate that you’ve passed an inspection. 

What you can do is to inform yourself about fire sprinkler system types and activation as much as you can and take all the necessary steps to secure your property and protect your family. 

How often should sprinkler systems be serviced?

When it comes to fire sprinkler servicing and maintenance, you need to adhere to NFPA regulations for California, including the Orange County. The frequency and scope of maintenance will vary depending on whether you have, for instance, a dry or wet sprinkler system. 

Typically, the following components should be serviced and checked on a quarterly basis

  • Valves should be in adequate condition, properly locked and sealed, without any leaks or damage.
  • Gauges for both dry and wet systems should be inspected on a monthly basis and they’re included in quarterly checks, as well. 
  • Water flow alarms should be inspected for damage and proper system connection.
  • Hydraulic nameplates should be checked to see if they are attached properly in the case of hydraulic sprinkler systems. 

How do I test my home fire sprinkler system?

Residential fire sprinkler systems also require regular inspection and testing. Although you should hire authorized professionals to tests your fire sprinklers, you can perform certain checks on your own. Of course, this cannot replace official testing, but it can help you identify possible issues on time or simply make sure that everything is in order. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Check if the water shutoff valves are open.
  • Make sure that the storage tank is full. 
  • Inspect the pipes to see whether they are properly insulated if there’s a risk of freezing. 
  • Verify that the sprinkler heads and cover plates aren’t blocked or painted over. 
  • Perform a flow test by opening the labeled valve and letting the water flow outside. Just make sure to inform your alarm company because this test will activate your fire alarm. 

As for contacting qualified professionals to inspect and test your fire sprinkler system, make sure that they’re licensed to perform such testing and can issue a certificate that your system is up to code. 

Do sprinkler heads expire?How often should sprinkler systems be serviced

Fire sprinkler heads are typically highly durable and can last for years. Depending on their type, they require more or less frequent inspection checks. Here’s how often you should have your fire sprinkler heads checked: 

  • Dry pendant: Every 10 years.
  • Extra high: Every 5 years.
  • Standard: 50 years after the installation and then every 10 years. 
  • Quick response: 20 years after the installation and then every 10 years.

However, should you notice that your fire sprinkler heads are somewhat damaged or not functioning properly, you should contact a trusted provider to thoroughly inspect and replace them if needed. 

Who are the best fire sprinkler service pros near me?

Red Truck Fire & Safety experts are your trusted providers of fire sprinkler testing and maintenance services, so feel free to contact us for any assistance. We can perform all the required testing and inspection checks to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is properly functioning. 

After we’ve made sure that there are no issues with your fire sprinklers and that they’re in great condition, you can take some time for yourself and your family, explore Crystal Cove State Park and simply unwind. Schedule a maintenance check today!

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