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The Benefits of Inspections for Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is among the top preventable risks for both homeowners and property managers. Its impact can be terrifying, but luckily technology is on our side to help. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers all serve their purpose in protecting properties, as do monitored fire alarm systems. They all require maintenance, where professional fire alarm testing companies in Orange County come to the forefront. We know how important a fire alarm system is but what exactly are monitored fire alarm systems and how do they differ from a regular system and its operation? Read on to find out.

What is fire alarm monitoring?

The purpose of a fire alarm system in a building is to alert all the occupants of a fire outbreak and warn them to evacuate in time. The one thing it doesn’t do, however, is to alarm fire departments and someone in the building has to do that. A monitored system may not be required in a commercial building, but it can be really useful. A panel connected to the fire alarm system is in charge of sending a signal to a monitoring station which informs the fire department at once.

Monitored fire alarm systems should be inspected regularly

A large percentage of fires breaks out during the night, when there is no one in the buildings and this is when fire alarm monitoring can really come handy. For the best performance and results, regular inspections are highly suggested.

Longer equipment life

As with all technical equipment, the operational life of monitoring equipment can be extended with inspection and maintenance. There are many malfunctions which can be prevented this way and it reduces the need for any unexpected service calls. Technicians can replace any worn out parts and thoroughly check the system.

Higher level of reliability

Monitored fire alarm systems are among those things you wish you will never ever need, but it’s still good to have them, just to be on the safe side. The safety of everyone nearby is higher when there are regular inspections and tests to the system. This means that in the event it is needed, it will be reliable and able to save property and human lives.

Fewer false alarms

False alarms are something that can be caused by a technical problem or human error. The chance for either of those occurring can be reduced if not totally prevented by inviting technicians over to inspect the alarm system. Trained individuals have a keen eye for spotting any potential problems which cause false alarms and can also help in educating or training personnel for properly handling the equipment.

Red Truck provides unsurpassed monitored fire alarm systems inspection

When it comes to fire safety, all precautions should be done to prevent the worst from happening. Red Truck Fire and Safety can lend you a helping hand by providing expert fire alarm testing and maintenance. We dedicate our undivided attention to the whole process and you can rely on us every step of the way. Call us and our technicians will give you the best solutions for any issue!

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