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How much water do fire sprinklers use?

In the case of fire, it might seem that waiting for the firefighters is the best thing to do, but as reliable Orange County fire sprinkler service providers will tell you, fire sprinklers can extinguish fire too, only faster, which is why they should always be up and running. Movies are most to blame for the many misconceptions concerning the installation and use of fire sprinklers, making them seem too expensive or too inefficient for the average home. One widespread misconception that fire sprinkler experts have observed is that fire extinction requires thousands of gallons of water. If you are one of the homeowners wondering how much water do fire sprinklers use, read on!

The process of fire sprinkler activation

One of the facts not many people are aware of is that a home fire sprinkler system is designed so that each of the sprinklers can be activated separately when the need for it comes. This means that only the one nearest to the fire source will start spraying water in case of a fire hazard. If you are wondering about their ability to detect smoke, know that the heat from a fire source will prompt the closest sprinkler to go off. This enables the containment of fire to the one room, without the need for additional water usage and property damage.

How much water do fire sprinklers use depends on their responsiveness

In case a fire breaks off in your home, you would probably want the issue to be addressed as quickly as possible. Not having a fire sprinkler system will increase the response time. In that case, you will have to wait around 10 minutes for the fire department to arrive, during which time the fire will spread. It means more possible danger and a larger amount of water necessary for extinguishing it. So if you worry about wasted water, bear in mind that firefighters will certainly have to use more.

Higher efficiency levels

If you have a fire sprinkler system in your home, only the room in which a fire breaks out will be wet, while firefighters might soak up the whole place in their efforts. The amount of water fire sprinklers use per minute is almost nine times smaller than the amount fire hoses require. That’s a large number of gallons just wasted and greater potential property damage. Considering how much water do fire sprinklers use and even the price of expert repair, it’s still better to rely on such a system for fire protection than wait for the fire department to arrive.

Better for the environment

Not only will you be doing your wallet good by installing a fire sprinkler system in your household, but it’s more friendly to the environment as well. As they use less water, less of it will end up in the soil afterwards affecting its properties. It also helps reduce the greenhouse gas emission levels, helping the fight against global warming.

How much water do fire sprinklers use? Red Truck Fire & Safety Co. has all the answers!

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