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How Fire Sprinkler System Works

Fire can really be one of the largest fears of homeowners and people in charge of commercial buildings. When it occurs, a fire can have devastating effects on the belongings and hurt people nearby. This is why having a fire sprinkler system installed is one of the best moves you can make.

Having a fire sprinkler system San Diego is a great way to reduce potential property damage and injuries sustained by a fire hazard. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about fire sprinkler systems, most of them arising from movies and ignorance. It’s good to familiarize yourself with how fire sprinkler system works in order to know what to expect from it and how to use it properly.

Detecting the heat

Unlike some common misconceptions, fire sprinkler systems do not activate when they register smoke. They are activated by heat from a source of fire. It does also produce smoke, but if smoke triggered the fire sprinklers, the system would activate on countless unnecessary occasions, such as making a simple toast.

Fire sprinklers are activated by heat from a fire, which triggers a chain reaction. When hot air rises from a blaze, it reaches the sprinklers installed in the ceiling. The heat is enough to cause the expansion of glycerin-filled glass bulbs typical of fire sprinkler systems. The liquid causes the surrounding glass to burst and the stored water to discharge from adequate sprinkler heads.

Drenching the water

A fire sprinkler system typically includes sprinklers installed in the ceiling and spread out so they can cover the most ground. They are all connected to an individual outside water source from which water is discharged when the sprinklers are activated by heat.

The water in a fire sprinkler system is under great pressure and ready to discharge when needed. When this happens, water sprays out in an arc shape to better douse the fire. In order for the system to be ready and functional, it should be regularly maintained. This is why it’s important to find a good fire sprinkler repair company in case you need their help.

Minimizing the damage

Despite what we have seen in the movies when a single cigar activates a whole fire sprinkler system, the reality is quite different. Fire sprinkler heads are part of the system, but they activate individually, when they are needed. When a threatening heat source is registered, usually one or two fire sprinklers are activated to put out the fire.

This means that fire sprinklers are not only a most effective way to contain a fire, but also that they minimize the damage. A small fire source will not cause the system to drench the whole house with water, the water damage will be confined only to a small area.

Wondering how fire sprinkler system works? Ask the pros

Still thinking about having a fire sprinkler system installed in your property, or wondering when it’s a good time for maintenance? Call Red Truck Fire & Safety San Diego fire extinguisher training Company to schedule an appointment for installing, fire extinguisher types and usesfire extinguisher servicefire extinguisher numbers explanation, inspecting or repairing fire sprinkler systems. We also value the importance of regular maintenance, so we can set up a schedule which works best for you.

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