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Premier Fire Sprinkler Service

Installing an adequate fire protection system is essential for ensuring the safety of your family, employees, building occupants and property itself. By opting for reliable components and services, you can minimize the risk of a fire, so it’s essential that you contact a licensed company – Red Truck Fire & Safety. We can provide you with high-quality fire sprinkler systems, additional equipment and comprehensive services that include installation, repair, maintenance and others.

An array of reliable, certified fire sprinkler services

We are an authorized provider of fire safety equipment and services for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our qualified technicians specialize in the installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, testing and other services related to fire sprinkler systems.

It’s essential that you consult with licensed contractors who can not only provide you with high-quality fire sprinklers, but also render services that will meet all the relevant regulations. Whether you need someone to install your system efficiently and properly, or your existing fire sprinklers have started to exhibit signs of malfunction, we are your trusted provider of all fire sprinkler services.

The California State Fire Marshal requires fire sprinklers and other fire protection equipment to be serviced at regular intervals. We can handle your quarterly, annual and five-year examinations. We will provide you with the necessary certifications after the conducted inspections. Our automatic fire sprinkler systems are appropriate for both residential and commercial properties, and we will ensure that yours are functioning properly.

Fire sprinkler sales

Developing an effective fire protection plan requires you to obtain automatic fire sprinkler systems, as well as additional components that will suit your facilities. Installing fire sprinklers at your premises will protect the occupants by safeguarding them against fire-induced heat, flame and smoke.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with a range of fire sprinkler models and elements:

  • Sprinkler Head Cages
  • Plugs, Caps and Chains for FDC & Standpipe (Aluminum, Plastic, Brass)
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads (White, Chrome, Pendant, Sidewall, Brass, Upright…)
  • Sprinkler Head Box and Cabinets
  • Fire Department Connection Parts
  • Sprinkler Wrenches
  • Hydraulic Calculation Signs
  • Auto Fire Sprinkler Covers (Cover Plate, Escutcheon, Circular Rings, Trim Ring)
  • Sprinkler Identification Signs, Labels and Tags
  • Fire Sprinkler Gauges and Valves

You can take a look at our selection of top-of-the-line fire sprinkler systems and additional components, including gauges, labels, valves, sprinkler heads, sprinkler signs, etc. Rest assured that the equipment we provide is of the highest quality and meets all the legal requirements.

We bring you a simple platform that you can use to purchase a fire sprinkler systems and other components online hassle-free. For any additional questions, you can contact us and our team will gladly help you choose equipment that will be appropriate for your facilities.

Trusted fire sprinkler installation and maintenance services

Not only do you have to opt for a high-quality fire sprinkler system, but you also need to ensure that it’s installed, serviced and maintained by licensed, qualified professionals. These systems are complex and consist of carefully designed and engineered components, so they require skilled maintenance and service.

Our experienced team can effectively handle common fire sprinkler problems, such as corrosion, rust, overheating, freezing, etc. They will install your system up to code and provide you with regular maintenance checks that will minimize risks of malfunctions.

You can rest easy knowing that our team of technicians have years of experience and expertise in the area, so they can provide you with faultless fire sprinkler services.

Scheduled inspection of fire sprinkler systems

According to fire marshal regulations and codes, fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected on a quarterly and annual basis. We can help you adhere to these legal requirements by providing dependable fire sprinkler inspections of both commercial and residential systems.

The quarterly fire sprinkler inspections that we provide examine water flow devices, signs, control valves, gauges, supervisory devices, water supply pressure and others.

When it comes to annual inspections, we will examine the following components: sprinklers, seismic braces, hangers, pipe and fittings, main drain, water flow alarm devices, supervisory devices, control valves, water flow alarm devices, backflow preventer assemblies, etc.

We will carefully inspect your fire sprinkler system and identify possible issues that might require further service or repair. Rest assured that our technicians will implement innovative solutions to resolve any problem there might be, providing you with exceptional service. Afterward, we will deliver a detailed report and necessary inspection documentation.

Five-year fire sprinkler testing services

According to NFPA 25, California Edition / California Code of Regulations – Title 19 requirements, you also need to schedule five-year fire sprinkler testing. Here at Red Truck, we bring a high level of expertise and practical knowledge in performing such testing. This is an essential step in protecting your employees, occupants and property against fire.

We can conduct in-depth inspection of internal pipes in both dry-pipe and wet-pipe systems. You can also contact us for the examination of “at-risk” systems. We will document the results and inspection details.

Contact us for top-notch fire sprinkler services throughout the region

As a licensed and certified fire protection company, we can provide you with comprehensive fire sprinkler services that include installation, repair, maintenance, etc. Our team of competent, highly trained technicians have experience and expertise in the area, so feel free to contact us and we’ll help you secure your property. Give us a call at (800) 973-3878!

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