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Fire Sprinkler Systems: Inspection & Requirements

Are sprinklers required in restaurantsLearning more about fire sprinkler inspection and installation requirements is essential for ensuring compliance and protecting both civilians and firefighters. Aside from informing yourself about all the necessary codes and regulations, you also need to book dependable fire sprinkler service in Orange County to make sure that your fire sprinkler systems are installed properly and in accordance with the law. 

What’s more, this will also help you increase the effectiveness levels of your fire sprinklers. This is important for both commercial and residential property owners because it can reduce fire-induced damage substantially. 

Are sprinklers required in restaurants?

If you own a restaurant, it’s your legal and moral obligation to protect your guests and employees by implementing adequate fire safety measures. However, you might be wondering whether you’re legally obliged to have fire sprinklers installed. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, restaurants are required to meet the NFPA 13 standards for the installation of fire sprinklers. All the restaurants that can host more than 300 individuals are required to have fire sprinklers installed. To determine how many guests you can accommodate, you need to calculate it based on one person per five square feet.

In addition, it’s also important to stress that some fire safety and protection regulations may vary depending on the state. So, if you’re not sure whether you’re required to have fire sprinklers installed in your restaurant, you should consult the relevant authorities. 

Are sprinklers required under canopies?

Whether your Newport Beach restaurant has an exterior area under canopies with a beautiful view or you want to secure your home’s outdoor haven, you should be aware of relevant fire sprinkler regulations for this type of space, as well. 

Namely, if you have an exterior roof overhangs or canopies that are more than four feet wide, you’re legally required to have fire sprinklers. However, if your canopies are made of limited combustible or noncombustible materials, this requirement doesn’t apply provided that there are no combustible materials stored beneath the canopies or roof overhangs. 

In addition, if you have loading dock overhangs or roofs, you’re also obliged to have fire sprinklers installed in accordance with NFPA 13 standards. 

How often do fire sprinklers need to be inspected in California?Are sprinklers required under canopies

Contacting trusted fire sprinkler specialists and having them install this type of fire protection system is just the beginning. To ensure the faultless functioning of your fire sprinkler system, you need to have it regularly maintained and inspected. 

Not only will this ensure that everything is up to code and without problems, but it’s also a legal requirement. However, as with other regulations, the frequency of fire sprinkler inspection checks may vary from one state to another. 

All the checks are performed in adherence to NFPA 25 requirements that refer to the inspection, maintenance and testing standards. The NFPA schedule for fire sprinkler testing specifies that inspection checks should be conducted:

  • Quarterly: All the mechanical parts of fire sprinklers should be checked quarterly so as to ensure their proper functioning. 
  • Semiannually: Semiannual checks of vane and pressure switches should be performed on a semiannual basis.  
  • Annually: A complete inspection test should be carried out once a year. It entails the testing of all physical parts of your fire sprinkler system. For this type of inspection, a technician will perform alarm checks, fire pump tests, water flow checks, trip tests, antifreeze concentration tests, etc. 
  • Every five years: Fire sprinkler gauges should be inspected every five years. This also goes for sprinklers that are installed in harsh environments and at high temperatures. 
  • Every ten years: When it comes to dry sprinklers, they require inspection checks every 10 years. As for standard and fast-response sprinklers, you should have them tested after being 50 and 20 years in use, and then every 10 years. 

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We’re an authorized provider of fire sprinklers, so we offer professional installation, testing and maintenance services. Our team consists of highly qualified technicians who are licensed to perform all the legally required tests. 

Furthermore, we’re here for any questions you might have regarding the relevant codes and regulations that apply to your restaurant, offices, residential home or other types of building. Schedule an appointment today!

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