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Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have been protecting commercial and industrial property and public buildings from the heat, flame, and smoke caused by fires for over a century.  More importantly, they save and protect lives.  Automatic fire sprinkler and fire equipment accessories systems are an indispensable element of every fire protection plan!


Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is a licensed C-16 Fire Protection contractor within the state of California.  We are experienced in servicing fire sprinklers for commercial, business and residential applications.  We specialize in fire sprinkler testing, deficiency identification, repairs, installations, inspections, head replacement and other services!  We are also more than happy to provide the fire extinguishers and sprinkler service intervals required by the California State Fire Marshal including quarterly, annual and 5 Year Title 19 inspections and reports.  Call us to get the unmatched commercial and residential fire sprinkler services and make sure that your automatic fire sprinkler system is in good working order!


Fire Sprinkler Sales California


At Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, not only are you able to get the best fire sprinkler system services, but you can get the best selection of fire sprinkler equipment, parts, tools, signs and more!

Sprinkler Head Cages

Fire Sprinkler Heads (Chrome, White, Brass, Sidewall, Pendant, Upright…)

Sprinkler Head Box and Cabinets

Sprinkler Wrenches

Auto Fire Sprinkler Covers (Escutcheon, Trim Ring, Cover Plate, Circular Rings)

Fire Sprinkler Gauges and Valves

Fire Department Connection Parts

Plugs, Caps and Chains for FDC & Standpipe (Aluminum, Plastic, Brass)

Sprinkler Identification Signs, Labels and Tags

Hydraulic Calculation Signs


Browse our online inventory of high-quality replacement parts, such as fire sprinkler heads, gauges, valves, and labels, sprinkler signs, specialties, and other equipment.   Choose a product you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart.


Fire Sprinkler Repair and Installation California

Though it may seem to be a simple system of pipes and sprinkler heads, a fire sprinkler system is, in fact, a complex system of components that are carefully engineered and designed. Besides the appropriate installation, a sprinkler system requires regular maintenance to prevent or eliminate any deficiencies.

A wet-pipe system can fail due to freezing, while a dry-pipe system is at risk of overheating. Corrosion and rust can compromise your piping or the entire fire sprinkler system. Avoid any of this by hiring an experienced fire safety company in California that can properly install and repair a sprinkler system in any commercial or residential situation.

With Red Truck Fire & Safety Company by your side, your fire sprinklers will be prepared to contain a fire at any time! Our skilled fire sprinkler service technicians are among the best in the industry and will come to your site and perform necessary installation, replacement or repair.


Quarterly & Annual Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Reports

Make sure that your fire sprinkler system is always working. Don’t miss your required quarterly, as well as annual fire sprinkler inspection and testing. Hire Red Truck Fire & Safety Company to make sure that you are in compliance with NFPA and local fire marshal codes and regulations.

Our professional technicians perform complete and thorough inspection and testing of fire sprinkler systems in residential, commercial or business buildings.

Quarterly inspections provide for the inspection of the following: Control valves, signs, water flow alarm devices, supervisory devices, gauges (Wet Pipe Systems), water supply pressure, etc.


Annual inspections provide for the testing, inspection and maintenance of the following:  Sprinklers, pipe and fittings, hangers, seismic braces, water flow alarm devices, main drain test, control valve, supervisory devices, backflow preventer assemblies, control valves, etc.


During the fire sprinkler testing and inspection, our technicians will identify if there are potential problems in need of service and give a deficiency estimate to fix or repair the issue. We will provide you with an impeccable service and submit detailed inspection reports along with the required documentation.

5-Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection California

As a commercial property or business owner, you are also required to have a 5-year sprinkler inspection by a licensed fire sprinkler inspector. To meet NFPA 25, California Edition / California Code of Regulations – Title 19 requirements, rely on Red Truck Fire & Safety Company. We have the knowledge, experience, and the equipment to conduct a comprehensive 5-year sprinkler inspection and protect your employees, property, and production from the ravages of fire.

Our team of professionals is able to perform a meticulous internal pipe inspection for wet-pipe, as well as dry-pipe systems. We are also able to conduct a thorough obstruction investigation and the internal pipe examination for “At-Risk” systems. Findings are documented in the inspection report.

Choose the Best Fire Sprinkler Sales & Services in California

Red Truck Fire & Safety  fire extinguisher San Diego Company is a certified and licensed company that offers the unparalleled fire extinguishers sales, installation, fire equipment accessories, and learning how fire sprinkler system works and inspection, testing, and repair. Our extensive record of reliable service work in the industry and the expertise of our team have earned us the trust of businesses throughout California.

See it for yourself! Call us at (800) 973-3878 and we will help you achieve the highest fire safety levels!


We provide fire sprinkler services throughout following Counties in California:

Orange County, CA

San Diego, CA

Riverside, CA

San Bernardino, CA

Los Angeles, CA


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