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Fire Sprinkler Requirements in California

When it comes to fire protection and prevention, fire sprinklers are one of the most important pieces of equipment. However, before having them installed, you should find out what the necessary fire sprinkler codes and regulations across California are.

Whether you’ll have fire sprinklers installed or not may depend on the relevant regulations in the state you live in. It’s crucial that you find an authorized provider of fire sprinklers in San Diego who can render dependable installation, maintenance and testing services. Also, the contractor you choose should be able to perform inspection regulated by Title 19 fire code.

All of this will allow you to properly secure your residential or commercial property and ensure optimal safety levels.

Are fire sprinklers required in California?

The Office of the State Fire Marshal proposed the adoption of the 2010 Building, Fire and Residential Code in relation to the installation of fire sprinklers. This is the first statewide fire sprinkler code that has been enacted in California. This proposal was approved by the California Building Standards Commission in 2010, with the code having become effective on January, 1, 2011.

Until this code was adopted, the installation of fire sprinklers was a requirement for multi-family dwelling and commercial office buildings. However, after the proposal was adopted and the regulations came into force, the requirements were extended to other types of residential properties, as well.

This means that having fire sprinklers installed is a legal requirement for certain types of properties in California. Let’s discuss this in greater detail!

Are sprinklers required in new homes in California?

According to the 2010 Building, Fire and Residential Code, all new residential properties in California are required to have fire sprinkler systems installed. Residential property owners can consult the Office of the State Fire Marshal regarding the relevant requirements. The Office encourages residents to get in touch if they need any additional clarification regarding the residential fire sprinkler ordinance.

It’s also important to stress that failing to adhere to these regulations will leave property owners legally liable. Deciding not to have residential fire sprinklers installed can be considered to be a negligence and deliberate indifference toward property and life.

When it comes to homes built prior to 2011, they aren’t required to have fire sprinklers installed. However, even though this isn’t legally proscribed, you should still consider having such a system set up. This will increase the safety levels of your property and protect you and your family.

What size building requires a sprinkler system?

NFPA 13 is the relevant set of codes and regulations for fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings. Authorized providers need to follow the national standard for sprinkler installation while owners, builders and managers are required to follow maintenance regulations.

Of course, regulations may vary from one state to another, so it’s advisable that you inform yourself about local, state and federal codes with your local fire safety authority.

Here are some of the most important, general regulations when it comes to fire sprinklers in commercial buildings:

  • The fire areas that exceed 5,000 square feet, whether they’re newly built or remodeled, as well as the extended areas beyond 12,000 square feet, are required to have automatic fire sprinklers installed with maximum coverage.
  • Buildings that are more than 55 feet high must also have automatic fire sprinkler systems installed.
  • Automatic sprinklers should be set up in self-storage facilities except in one-story areas without indoor corridors.

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