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Fire Sprinklers: Myths vs. Facts

When it comes to safety in homes and office buildings, fire sprinklers are an important aspect. Although it is best when they are left unused, it is important to have them properly installed and functional at all times. In case of an emergency or a fire, they are the first line of defense, which can save lives and property. As with many other areas of modern life, there are many myths considering repair sprinklers. In order to be completely certain about your fire sprinkler system in San Diego, let’s distinguish myths from facts.

Myth: Smoke alarms are enough

Fact: Although smoke alarms alert homeowners about a fire outbreak, they aren’t meant to extinguish it. Their sole purpose is to be a starting point in a chain reaction which ends in fire sprinklers extinguishing the fire. Therefore, it is more important to have a working fire sprinkler system.

Myth: New homes are safe from fire

Fact: Modern housing has brought many features to everyday life, making it safer and more comfortable. While new homes have safer wiring, they are still in danger of fire outbreaks.

Myth: Fire sprinklers are too expensive

Fact: The price of a repair sprinkler system and repair sprinkler valve might seem high to someone buying a new home, but it should be looked from the long-term perspective. It represents an investment into the safety of household members and the reduction of possible damage to all property. Moreover, the overall installation prices are going down year after year.

Myth: Fire sprinklers have a tendency to activate on their own

Fact: The design of fire sprinkler systems is such that they only activate when a significant fire source and temperature is detected. This means that the chance of them going off unprovoked is insignificant and even smaller than the chance of leaks from other water sources in the household.

Myth: All sprinklers activate simultaneously in case of a fire

Fact: There are several types of home fire sprinkler systems, which differ in how they are activated. The case of every single sprinkler activating due to a small spark of fire or smoke, as seen in many movies, is not really accurate. Usually, in case of a fire, only one or a couple sprinklers activate.

Myth: Fire sprinklers create a greater damage than the fire itself

Fact: The damage which can occur from a home fire can be devastating. Fire sprinklers are designed to put out the fire and minimize the damage. If you need extra protection for computer data, rare artwork, books or manuscripts, you can choose specialized sprinkler systems such as the pre-action sprinkler system or a clean agent fire suppression system. Consult your fire sprinkler system San Diego provider for expert advice on the best fire sprinkler for your needs.

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