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Fire Sprinkler Leaks & System Failure

Having a fire sprinkler system installed is just the first step in protecting your property against fire. You also need to contact reliable providers of fire sprinklers in Southern California to inspect your fire sprinklers for possible leaks or some other type of malfunction. This will also ensure your system is fully licensed and up to code. 

However, acquiring more information on how fire sprinkler systems actually work is essential for reacting properly to certain problems, recognizing possible malfunctions, etc. For instance, if you notice a leak, you should know how to deal with this issue and prevent any further damage to your system or property. 

Can fire sprinklers leakCan fire sprinklers leak?

Although fire sprinklers are a highly reliable fire prevention system, they may occasionally exhibit some issues such as leaks. This may happen due to the following reasons: 

  • Corrosion. Oxygen-induced corrosion is one of the reasons why fire sprinklers can start to leak. If there’s some water on the floor below your fire sprinklers and you notice rusting, discolored water, smell of a rotten egg, and fire sprinkler obstruction, it’s likely that corrosion is the cause of the leaks. 
  • Equipment malfunctions. Leaks can also be caused by human error, manufacturing faults, installation defects, improper repair, and other forms of equipment failure. 
  • Fire sprinkler system freezing. If your heating system fails or you need to turn it off for some reason, it’s crucial that you promptly deal with this issue before your fire sprinkler system freezes. You should always make sure that the pipes are properly insulated. 

How to prevent fire sprinkler leaks? 

You may not think that fire sprinkler leaks are a serious problem, but they actually can affect the functioning of the entire system, leaving your home highly vulnerable. Thus, it’s essential that you prevent leaks from occurring in the first place and take the necessary steps to fix them if they do. 

You can achieve this by: 

  • Hiring experienced and licensed contractors to install your fire sprinklers. They can make sure that everything is set up properly and minimize the risk of future malfunctions. 
  • Scheduling regular testing and inspection. If your preferred contractor identifies a leak or some other type of problem early on, they can immediately fix the issue and prevent further damage. In addition, regular inspection is also a legal requirement in California. 
  • Checking your systems for visible signs of damage or problems. Even if you schedule regular maintenance of your fire sprinklers, you can still check the system yourself from time to time. 
  • Reacting promptly if you notice a problem. You shouldn’t postpone contacting experienced professionals to handle your fire sprinkler leaks or other issues. 
  • Replacing the damaged or faulty equipment. If necessary, you should replace the leaky fire sprinkler heads. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in purchasing new equipment than fixing the old system. 

What is the leading cause of sprinkler failure?

Although fire sprinklers aren’t likely to fail, there still may be some problems with their functioning in some cases. The most common fire sprinkler problems include: What is the leading cause of sprinkler failure

  • External or internal corrosion. As already mentioned, corrosion can cause leaks, as well as other fire sprinkler malfunctions such as water seal failing to release and entire system failure, etc. 
  • Damaged fire sprinkler elements. If your fire sprinklers have been accidentally damaged, your system may fail to function properly.
  • Shutoff of the entire system. When it comes to fire sprinkler failure, in 64% of cases, the system was completely shut off. 
  • Irregular or insufficient maintenance. Failing to maintain and inspect your fire sprinkler system leads not only to legal violations, but also to increased risk of fire sprinkler failure. 

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