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What You Need to Know before Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire sprinkler systems are an integral part of commercial, business and residential properties. Homeowners always need to consider the implications of possible fire outbreaks and the damage they can do.

In order to take necessary precautions, they need to familiarize themselves with the immediate surroundings and potential hazards. After evaluating your property in detail, the next step is choosing the right type of system you need. When you decide, call the best fire sprinkler installation San Diego professionals.

Pre-action system

This is a type of sprinkler system best placed in environments where there are delicate items to preserve, such as valuable papers or electronics that could be damaged by water. This includes libraries and data centers, first and foremost.

This fire system is only activated in case of an actual fire, so there is no danger of accidental triggering and damaging the property. The safety system includes two levels of triggers before water starts flowing.

Dry-pipe system

The dry-pipe system is usually used in environments with very low temperatures. They don’t contain water, but pressurized air, which needs to exit the pipe before water comes through. There is a delay in discharge of water, but this way the pipes won’t freeze.

It is somewhat costly to maintain, as it needs larges pipes in order to provide a significant amount of water to pass through after the air is released.

Wet-pipe system

Unlike the dry-pipe system, it is composed of steel pipes with pressurized water. This is the most common system for commercial buildings, because it has a lower cost of maintenance and is very reliable. Its key characteristic is the fast response time. After a sprinkler head is triggered, the water is immediately released from the system.

However, it is not recommended for areas with low temperatures, because the pipes might freeze due to constantly being filled with water.

Deluge system

This system is equipped with sprinklers heads which are in a constantly opened state. They are not activated by heat, but require a two-state trigger to activate it, similar to pre-action systems. It is best suited for areas which contain hazardous or flammable liquids, such as chemical plants. The system does not hold water or air in the pipes, and the valves are always open. The trigger comes from a fire alarm and several sprayers will come into action in the event of a fire.

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