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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Having a working fire sprinkler system installed in your home or commercial building is of the utmost importance. In case of an emergency it is your first line of protection, even before you call fire sprinkler services Orange County But simply installing a system won’t do the trick for good as there are other things you need to know about and misconceptions to be mindful of. You’ll find that you will not require the help of fire protection sprinkler companies to ensure efficient operation of your system, as long as you follow our handy pieces of advice.

Make your sprinkler heads accessible

All sprinkler heads in your household or workplace need to be visible and completely accessible at all times so that they could activate at the first sign of fire. Any type of obstacle will hinder their efficiency and disrupt operation in case they are needed. Remodeling or adding new parts to the object can inadvertently block the sprinkler heads and you need to check them in such situations.

Don’t use the sprinkler system as a coat hanger

Under no circumstances should fire sprinkler heads or piping be used as hangers or hooks. It is not uncommon to find people hanging things on them, disregarding the potential repercussions. But it the heads are damaged and the glass bulb gets broken, it can cause water discharge and unnecessary damage to the surrounding property. Fire protection sprinkler companies have also witnessed similar pipe damage leading to a degradation of the system.

Remember the importance of maintenance

There are several types of fire sprinkler systems, but they all have one thing in common – they require regular maintenance. It enables finding problems in time for them to be fixed without having to break the bank, which would be unavoidable if they’re allowed to escalate. Fire protection sprinkler companies adhere to NFPA guidelines and manufacturer recommendations when it comes to the frequency of maintenance your system requires.

Don’t put any heat sources near sprinkler heads

Fire sprinkler heads are activated by high temperatures so you need to keep all heat sources away from them. This is especially important when installing new heat-producing equipment which can trigger a water discharge from the sprinklers. There are various potential sources of heat, so be extra careful when it comes to rooms with sprinkler heads.

Let everyone know where the sprinklers are located

If you are the only one who knows where the fire sprinklers have been installed, other people can still cover or damage them by accident. To avoid this, inform the other occupants of their location, so they can avoid making the mistakes listed here.


Others should also be familiar with the proper way of handling the system when necessary. For instance, if an accidental discharge happens, they should know where the main valve is in order to shut the system off. This will enable their quick response in case of an emergency.

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All Orange County residents should know the do’s and don’ts of fire protection. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company can help you keep your fire sprinkler system operational and efficient. We perform regular maintenance and emergency repairs on all types of sprinkler systems. What sets us from other fire protection sprinkler companies is the level of dedication we put into all areas of the work we do. Give us a call today!

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