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Fire Hoses

In a fire emergency, fire hoses play an instrumental role. They are an essential part of our firefighting equipment, so don’t take them for granted. Make sure you have high-performance durable fire hoses on your premises to keep your employees, visitors, property and production safe!

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company takes pride in providing comprehensive fire hose services, from product sales to installation and testing. We offer an array of tried-and-tested solutions consisting of quality fire hoses for a variety of applications. Reach out to us today!

Fire Hoses Sales California

At Red Truck, you will find fire hoses in a range of sizes and types. We will assist you in choosing the fire hoses of the right length and diameter to suit the requirements of your property. All fire hoses need to be of sufficient capacity relative to the size of your property, so consult our experts for spot-on advice.

We provide the following fire hoses:

  • Booster Hose
  • Double Jacket Fire Hose
  • FireTech Rack and Reel Fire Hose
  • FireTech™ Single Jacket Fire Hose
  • Forestry Hose
  • Rack & Reel Fire Hose
  • Rubber Covered Fire Hose
  • Single Jacket Fire Hose
  • UL Labeled Single Jacket Fire Hose
  • Yellow Coated Fire Hose

We also provide a vast inventory of fire hose equipment, including:

  • Fire Hose Couplings, Rings, and Gaskets
  • Polycarbonate Fire Hose Nozzles
  • Brass Fire Hose Nozzles
  • Racks and Reels
  • Municipal Hand Tools
  • Adapters, Caps and Plugs
  • Hose Valves
  • Electric Hose Testers and Accessories

Fire Hose Service

Skilled technicians at Red Truck Fire & Safety Company can service any type of fire hose you have on your premises. Regardless of whether you have purchased the fire hoses from us or elsewhere, we are fully equipped to service them!

If you notice something’s wrong with the fire hoses, call us immediately! Our team will arrive promptly, assess the damage and fix it on the spot. If your fire hoses or nozzles require repair, Red Truck has got the team in place. Should the fire hose equipment need replacement, you can count on us to do the job by the manufacturers’ specifications!

Fire Hoses Inspection

Your fire hoses and other equipment may require either quarterly or annual inspections, sometimes both. The testing and inspections are mandatory, so don’t forget to include them in your fire safety plan. Call in a reliable partner well-known throughout California for their exceptional service – Red Truck Fire & Safety Company.

Our technical team will detect any debris, rot or signs of deterioration on your fire hoses. The damage may not be visible but can still cause the fire hose to malfunction when you need it most. The damage can be caused by anything from chemicals to vermin. We will conduct a thorough inspection and identify the damage as well as its cause.

Hydrostatic Testing

Red Truck provides reliable hydrostatic testing services in California. During hydrostatic testing, a fire hose is tested for operating under pressure and inspected for leaks and general serviceability.

We make sure that any fire hose system that fails the testing is removed from operation. We also provide a written document detailing the testing process and outcomes.

With regular maintenance provided by seasoned technicians at Red Truck, you won’t need to worry. The fire hoses on your premises will be in tip-top condition and perform as expected in case of a fire emergency.

#1 Fire Hose Service in California

Businesses across California have put their trust in Red Truck Fire & Safety Company. We have earned our referral business due to our commitment to the highest standards of service and customer care.

Our fire safety services include the sales of fire hoses, as well as fire hose repairs, maintenance, installation and inspection. Don’t let your fire hoses or other equipment be handled by sub-par technicians – opt for the best!

To purchase fire hoses, schedule an inspection or other fire safety service, reach out to Red Truck Fire & Safety Company at (800) 973-3878.

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