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What Should Every Business Owner Know About Fire Extinguishers?

Business owners and property managers are legally required to ensure their premises are secured properly. Among other safety measures, this also includes protecting your employees and property against possible fire hazards.

Introducing adequate fire extinguishers is an essential aspect of enhancing the fire safety levels of your business. However, before choosing a specific kind of fire extinguisher in San Bernardino, it’s highly advisable that you inform yourself about relevant guidelines and regulations. From learning more about what the best type of fire extinguisher for your business is to finding out how often they need to be serviced, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

What fire extinguisher do I need for my business?What fire extinguisher do I need for my business

Without adequate fire equipment and safety precautions, not only are you at risk of being held legally liable and losing billions of dollars, but you’re also putting your employees in danger. Thus, it’s of the utmost importance you implement all the fire safety measures possible, taking your specific situation into account.

This means that you should carefully choose fire extinguishers, making sure they suit your business premises.

How to choose fire extinguishers for your business?

To choose the best products, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Type of fire. This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing fire extinguishers for your place of business. Although these devices can seem completely the same, they contain different compounds for a specific type of fire. In general, fire extinguishers adhere to the following classification code:
    • A – ordinary combustible materials
    • B – flammable liquids
    • C – electrical equipment & wiring
    • D – combustible metals
    • K – cooking oils, grease, and fat
  • Fire hazards. To choose the best fire extinguishers for your business, you need to carefully evaluate to which possible fire hazards your business is exposed. This can vary from one business to another, so it’s important that you consider your particular situation.
  • Office size. If you have a large office with multiple areas, you should examine each area carefully, identifying possible fire hazards. You may have to get a different fire extinguisher for each room.
  • Fire extinguisher sizes. You also need to consider the rating of a certain fire extinguisher. This rating indicates the size of the fire your preferred product can put out. The rating is expressed as Class A from 1 to 40 and Class B from 1 to 640. Extinguishers labeled with higher numbers can put out larger fires and they are typically large in size.

What is the legal requirement for fire extinguishers?

Legal requirements for fire extinguishers in California specify the use, placement, testing, and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers at the business premises. As an employer, you need to adhere to the following codes and regulations:

  • You need to provide your employees with fire extinguishers, placing them in easily accessible locations that bring no risk of injury.
  • You need to acquire approved fire extinguishers that meet all the relevant safety regulations.
  • You need to schedule regular maintenance, testing, and inspection of your fire extinguishers and make sure they’re always in their designated places.
  • You need to choose fire extinguishers suitable for the hazard type your employees are exposed to.

How many fire extinguishers do I need in my business?How many fire extinguishers do I need in my business

When it comes to how many fire extinguishers you need to have installed at your business premises, this will depend on the size of your office space. According to OSHA distribution requirements, you need to place:

  • Classes A and D fire extinguishers every 75 feet
  • Class B fire extinguishers every 50 feet
  • Class C fire extinguishers based on the Class A and B layout
  • Class K fire extinguishers every 30 feet

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