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Fire Extinguisher Service Riverside CA

Serving Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County

Commercial property owners and managers in Riverside County CA should be aware that ensuring safety against fire is their responsibility. They are held accountable to their employees and visitors to the premises, as well as responsible for the property and production!

Some companies have an on-staff Fire Safety Manager, but those that do not – rely on Red Truck Fire & Safety Company for all their fire safety needs!

Buy Best-In-Class Fire Extinguishers in Riverside

Fire safety begins with fire extinguishers, and Red Truck offers highest-quality fire extinguishers Riverside businesses and fire extinguisher products depend on: Amerex and Badger. Check out our selection of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, let us help you choose the best one for your commercial premises!

Our staff is here to explain the differences between different models, such as wet and dry chemical extinguishers, as well as regulated and stored-pressure models! Give us a call today!

Get Your Fire Extinguishers Installed by Pros

In order to ensure safety against fire hazards, you have to make sure your extinguishers are installed properly. You can do this by having professional, skilled and experienced installation technicians do the actual work.

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company boasts a team of reliable installation technicians with relevant experience. We are the fire extinguisher service Riverside businesses rely on, and we are the go-to installation service.

Have a team of fire safety experts inspect your premises, suggest the most suitable fire extinguishers and install them properly the first time around! Rely on NFPA® and NAFED-certified pros to install any brand of fire extinguisher safely and efficiently.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Testing Riverside

There are different types of fire extinguisher inspections and testing and they are all mandatory under California Code of Regulations. From monthly visual inspections to annual and 5-year fire extinguisher inspections, Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is fully equipped to perform any and all inspections.

What’s more, we provide 5- and 12-year hydrotesting with state-of-the-art testing equipment. We help to keep your business accountable and legitimate by making sure you abide by state and federal fire safety regulations!

Recharging & Maintenance

Annual maintenance is not only a state and federal obligation but should also be left to trained and licensed maintenance technicians. The team of technicians at Red Truck will make sure all maintenance work is recorded on appropriately placed fire extinguisher tags. We will also deliver reports so as to keep our work (and yours) accountable.

Don’t forget that fire extinguishers need recharging after each use! If you don’t get them properly recharged, you risk the safety of your Riverside employees, property and production!

Fire Extinguisher Training at Your Riverside Location

With Red Truck Fire & Safety Company, you have access to premier fire extinguisher training in Riverside County CA. Our trainers come fully equipped and with all the required licensing, certification and perhaps most importantly – vast experience!

We come to your premises anywhere in Riverside and organize training sessions where you and your employees learn and apply the acquired knowledge in a safe learning environment. The sessions are professionally-led and well-organized based on years of successful practice by Red Truck.

We make the appointments based on your busy schedule for your maximum convenience!

Clean & Risk-Free

During the training sessions, we simulate the flames using a digital LED-driven technology. What’s more, the fire extinguishers used for training also simulate genuine fire extinguishers. That is how the training sessions are as realistic as possible but still leave no mess, debris and cause no physical damage or pose any kind of threat to the people, furniture or the environment.

This is what we can a comprehensive fire extinguisher services Riverside CA calls its own!

Certification upon Completing the Training

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company provides certificates for all trainees who complete our fire extinguisher training course in Riverside County, CA. The certificate is proof that you and your employees underwent an instructor-led fire safety training and are equipped to operate fire extinguishers on your premises in case of a fire emergency.

Contact Red Truck to make a purchase of industry-standard fire extinguishers for your Riverside commercial or business property, or schedule instructor-led fire extinguisher training sessions.

Red Truck is here to ensure fire safety for you, your employees, property and production!

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