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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

As an essential asset of every modern day house, building or office, fire extinguishers must not be left unchecked. They are the tool which can save lives in case of emergencies and their importance should not be taken lightly. The difference between a functioning and broken down fire extinguisher can be immeasurable when it comes to the safety of people or inventory affected by a fire hazard.

This is why it is important to make sure all of the fire extinguishers are properly installed, first of all, and subsequently regularly checked. A regular maintenance schedule means that you can have peace of mind knowing the extinguishers are functioning properly and your coworkers, family or visitors are safe.

In case one of the several types of maintenance prescribed by the law determines that one or more of the units are broken, fire extinguisher repair Orange County experts are your next stop in remedying the problem.

Fire extinguisher inspection

As the inspection of fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers is a legal requirement in Orange County, homeowners and owner of larger business properties have several types of inspections to keep in mind. They depend on the type of extinguisher that is installed, but are necessary in order to adhere to the law and do everything by the book.

Commissioning service

This is the initial examination, carried out upon the delivery of the extinguishers. When coming straight from the factory, that is, the corresponding vendor, all new units must come functioning properly. However, some damage can occur during transportation, and this check-up is to look for signs of such damage.

Monthly inspection

The benefit of this quick visual check is that it can be performed by a designated member of staff or household, with no additional training required. They will look for any signs of physical damage or tampering, making sure that the unit is in its right place and the pressure gauge needle is in the green.

Annual maintenance

The most detailed test is carried out every year, in order to see if an extinguisher needs to be refilled, repaired or replaced. It includes checking its weight, safety pins, nozzles, and performing a discharge test. The person responsible for the test will update the unit’s safety tag or label with the date of the last check and the schedule for the next examination.

Six year maintenance

This type of inspection is required for ABC dry chem fire extinguishers which contain a pressurized agent. The unit is opened, completely emptied, and after a thorough examination of the interior and exterior, refilled. It is done six years after manufacturing.

Hydrostatic test

This is a test which checks the integrity of the fire extinguisher cylinder.  For ABC dry chem, this is done every twelve years.  After the cylinder has passed the test, the unit is refilled and scheduled for another test in twelve years.

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