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Trusted Fire Alarm Services

Fire alarms are a crucial component of every fire protection system, so you need to ensure that yours are functioning properly and meet all the legal requirements. This will ensure an efficient evacuation in case of a fire and keep you, your residents and your property secure.

Red Truck Fire and Safety is one of the foremost companies for fire protection across Southern California. We can render peerless fire alarm services, including installation, maintenance, inspection, repair and testing. Our technicians will make sure that you are compliant with all the relevant codes and regulations.

Unmatched and licensed provider of fire alarm services

Here at Red Truck, we can help you protect your property, residents or family members by rendering reliable fire alarm services. Whether you need brand-new fire alarm equipment or your current system should undergo testing, we’re your one-stop shop. We feature a range of fire protection products, including top-notch fire alarms and their components.

Our team of experts have experience and practical knowledge in a range of fire alarm services. We’re one of the leading fire protection contractors in the area, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly meet your fire protection needs.

The sale of top-of-the-line fire alarms

Whether you’re securing your residential or commercial property, we can provide you with highly functional and dependable fire alarms. We’re a licensed, authorized and insured provider of fire alarms and related services that bring the highest level of durability and reliability.

You can browse through our selection of fire alarm systems and choose from a range of different models. Whichever you choose, it will provide you with optimal performance and efficiency.

The installation of fire alarm systems

The fire alarm installation process requires experience and knowledge in the area for maximum efficiency, durability and reliability. Luckily, our technicians are licensed, highly competent and qualified, so they can undoubtedly set up your fire alarms up to code. This will further minimize any risk of malfunction and ensure the proper functioning of your fire alarms.

Faultless fire alarm inspection and testing services

Since every fire protection system should undergo extensive testing and inspection at certain intervals, you’re legally obliged to schedule such services. Luckily, we offer full-scale fire protection services that include the inspection and testing of fire alarms.

Our qualified technicians can perform in-depth inspections to determine the condition of your fire alarms and identify possible issues. They can also conduct required testing and provide you with detailed reports and verification that you’ve passed the tests.

UL certification for your fire alarm systems

Fire protection companies render installation, maintenance and other services that need to meet certain legal requirements. This is crucial for ensuring optimal fire alarm performance and immediate response in case of fire.

We at Red Truck are authorized to perform fire alarm installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection service. As a UL certified company, there’s no doubt that we can provide you with faultless services that adhere to all fire protection guidelines and requirements.

Matchless fire alarm services are within your easy reach

Our experienced technicians are the best in the business, boasting years of experience and vast knowledge in the field. They can identify all possible issues with your fire alarms and implement state-of-the-art tools to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

You can contact us in just a few minutes and we’ll set up your consultation and inspection of your fire protection system. We’re here for any additional requests and questions that you might have regarding your fire alarms and other fire protection equipment.

Premier fire alarm services throughout the area

From premium fire alarm monitoring, installation and maintenance to repair and testing, we’re your go-to company for any fire alarm-related services. Not only can we provide you with exceptional products, but we can also dispatch a team of highly trained and qualified technicians to make sure that your fire alarms are running without a hitch.

Let’s secure your property and protect all the occupants. Contact us at (800) 973-3878 and we’ll provide you with maximum reliability, durability and expertise.

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