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Fire Alarm Testing and Monitoring

Testing is an important aspect of keeping your fire alarm systems in optimal condition and ensuring the highest safety levels in any facility. However, you might be wondering how often you should test your fire alarms to make sure that there are no hidden issues that might hinder their performance. This should be done at least once a month for maximum security.

Although you can test your fire alarms yourself, having them tested by a trusted provider with fire alarm certification in Riverside County will minimize the risk of overlooking a possible problem.

What’s more, it’s also advisable that you inform yourself about fire alarm systems and find out whether buildings are obliged to have fire alarms. For any additional information, you can also research the U.S. Fire Administration website and stay up to date with important fire prevention guidelines.

Does a fire alarm system have to be monitored?

Having fire alarms installed at your premises isn’t enough to keep the residents and the property itself protected from fire. If your alarm goes off and there’s no one around to hear it and contact the local authorities in the Riverside County, your property may go up in flames.

This is why it’s advisable that you have your fire alarm system monitored at all times. A trusted company will monitor your fire alarms 24/7, ensuring prompt response in case of fire emergencies.

An authorized party will install a monitoring panel and connect your fire alarms to it. Should your fire alarms go off, they will send a signal to the monitoring company through the panel. This way, you can be at peace even if you’re exploring the University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens because you’ll know that someone’s keeping an eye on your fire alarms.

Does a fire alarm alert the fire department?

Unless your fire alarm system is monitored, it won’t alert the fire department in case of fire. Of course, not all fire alarms are legally required to be monitored, but hiring a reputable company that provides fire alarm monitoring services can provide you with numerous benefits.

However, your fire alarm doesn’t notify the fire department directly. Instead, a signal is sent to a monitoring station which then contacts the authorities. A technician will contact you to confirm that it isn’t a false alarm and then they’ll dispatch an emergency team to your home.

What’s more, booking fire alarm monitoring services will provide you with more than a few invaluable benefits:

  • Quick response – As soon as your fire alarms go off, a signal will be sent to the monitoring station.
  • Round-the-clock fire protection – Your fire alarms will be monitored day and night, ensuring your safety.
  • Possible insurance benefits – In some cases, you may get insurance discounts if you have fire alarm monitoring proof.
  • Effective deterrent – If you display a sign that your property is being monitored, burglars will think twice before breaking into your home.

What is a centrally monitored alarm system?

A centrally monitored alarm system is connected to a central monitoring station in charge of observing your systems. When looking for a company that provides fire alarm monitoring systems, you should go with one that has a UL-certified central monitoring station.

This will ensure that the monitoring station follows certain legal regulations necessary for ensuring your maximum security. Not only are their systems up to code, but they also have advanced monitoring technologies.

Riverside County-based fire alarm certification: Keeping you safe and your alarms monitored

Here at Red Truck Fire & Safety, we are dedicated to keeping our neighbors safe and their properties protected. So, feel free to contact us and we’ll take care of your fire alarm needs. We are UL-certified company and our team of experts has the necessary certification, training and knowledge to provide you with dependable fire alarm monitoring services.  

In addition, we can also render other fire alarm services, including installation, repair, testing and servicing. With our help, your fire alarm systems will be in excellent condition and under our watch at all times. Contact us today and secure your property!

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