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Fire Alarm Chirping in My Home: What Does It Mean and How to Stop It?

A fire alarm system is something every house needs, because fire can strike at any time and have deadly consequences. Fire protection is a serious topic and that’s why you should have your alarm checked every once in a while by professional fire alarm testing companies in Orange County.

Fire alarms can save lives, but they too can malfunction if not regularly maintained. If they start producing a beeping or chirping sound, you should know what it means and if turning off a fire alarm is the right way to deal with the issue.

Why is my home fire alarm beeping once every minute?

If your fire or smoke alarm has been beeping constantly and there is no fire or smoke in your home, this can happen due to several common reasons. Most often, the alarm is telling you that the battery is low and it’s time to replace it.

Sometimes, the alarm may signal that the battery drawer is open or that it’s not making full contact with the terminals. This might be due to loss of power in your home or because the alarm has reached the end of its lifetime. They usually last from eight to ten years and should be replaced with new ones after that period.

Another thing causing the beeping could be a fluctuation in temperature, when the thermostat is set in an unusually high or low temperature. It can also be due to high heat from cooking or taking showers if the detector is nearby.

How to stop smoke alarm from chirping in my home?

The sound of a fire alarm chirping in your home can be very irritating and disrupting. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. It’s best that you call the professionals to fix the problem for you so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your free time hassle-free, maybe visit Heritage Hill Historical Park or have dinner with your friends not having to worry about the safety of your home.

If, however, you want to look into this smoke alarm issue yourself, you could try resetting the smoke alarm in your home or replacing the batteries.

To reset the smoke alarm, you should first turn off the power and then remove the alarm from the bracket. If it has a battery, remove it and then press and hold the test button for about 15-20 seconds. The alarm should then chirp one more time and you can put everything back in place, replace the old battery with a new one or plug in the power.

If the reset button yields no results, see if the alarm is obstructed by dust and clean it. It presents an intrusion which can cause it to malfunction.

How to replace fire alarm battery?

A smoke detector battery usually lasts around six months, so it’s a good idea to change it twice a year. You can also ask the pros to do it as part of regular inspection and maintenance of your residential fire alarm system.

If you, however, want to do it yourself, first you need to take off the cover by gently turning it clockwise or using a screwdriver. Then remove the battery from its drawer and put in a new one. After placing the cover back on, try pushing the test button to see if the battery is working properly.

Commercial fire alarms systems. In case you are having trouble with a commercial fire alarm system, it is vital that you don’t try to fix it yourself. Call your fire protection company immediately to resolve the issue.

Keep your fire alarm fully operational in Orange County

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