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The Effectiveness of Fire Sprinkler Systems

How effective are sprinkler systemsWhether you have a residential or commercial property, it’s important that you take all the necessary steps to ensure adequate fire protection levels. Installing fire sprinklers is a crucial aspect of fire safety and prevention. However, to ensure the highest effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems, you should gather all the information you can find. 

In addition, if your fire sprinklers break down, hiring experienced and qualified experts for fire sprinkler repair in Orange County is of the utmost importance and you shouldn’t postpone it. It’s also essential that you inform yourself about relevant codes and regulations such as whether sprinkler installation is required in restaurants and other types of commercial properties. 

How effective are sprinkler systems?

If you’re wondering how effective fire sprinklers actually are, you’re not the first one. The National Fire Protection Association has conducted extensive research on the same topic and presented the findings to the public. 

The NFPA research has proven that fire sprinkler systems are highly effective and can increase the fire safety levels in your property significantly. They are an automated system that almost never fails to operate properly. In fact, if a fire sprinkler system fails, this may be because of the following reasons: 

  • Your fire sprinklers were shut off.
  • There was a manual intervention.
  • Your system wasn’t properly maintained. 
  • A component of your fire sprinkler system was damaged. 
  • You have an inappropriate system for a certain type of fire. 

This means that if you choose a fire sprinkler system that suits your property and needs, have it regularly maintained and inspected, and ensure it functions without any problems, it’s highly unlikely that it will fail to operate in case of fire. 

Do sprinklers put out fires?

Yes, they do! Unless there’s a major system failure, your fire sprinkler system will automatically switch on if it detects a temperature between 135 and 165°F (57 to 74°C). It will extinguish the fire in the room where it originated, thus, preventing it from spreading. This has completely changed fire safety, bringing a significantly higher level of protection to individuals across the world. 

Of course, in some cases it’s possible for a fire to completely get out of control, but with a high-quality, highly effective fire sprinkler system, the risk is greatly reduced. In addition, if you have a first-rate fire sprinkler system installed by experienced professionals, the entire process of fire sprinklers activating and putting out a fire is much quicker. 

Do sprinklers save lives?Do sprinklers save lives

According to the NFPA research, the installation of fire sprinklers leads to an 87 percent death rate reduction. So, yes, fire sprinklers save lives! Fire sprinklers reduce the percentage of civilian injuries by 27 percent and the rate of firefighter injuries by 67 percent. 

Here’s what fire sprinkler systems also bring to the table: 

  • Reduced property damage: Damage rates are significantly higher in buildings without fire sprinklers, with costs amounting to $20,000. On the other hand, fire-caused damage in properties with sprinklers is around $7,000.
  • Dependable operation: Rarely do fire sprinklers fail to operate properly – 91 percent of the time they will switch on without any problems. These fire sprinklers extinguish fires in 96 percent of the cases, which means that the total success rate of fire sprinklers is 87 percent. 

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