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Do fire sprinklers detect smoke?

Fire sprinklers have become a common feature of modern households and office buildings. When installed and used properly, they can save you from a countless dollars’ worth of damage and prevent injury to anyone in the rooms affected by a fire outbreak. Orange County fire sprinkler services providers know just how much difference adequate use makes and they provide all types of commercial repairs.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to inform yourself and avoid common misconceptions, which range from their water consumption to the way they work. So, if you’re wondering do fire sprinklers detect smoke or have similar fire sprinkler-related questions, read on to find out!

Does smoke trigger fire sprinklers?

The short and simple answer to this question is no, it definitely doesn’t. There is a popular misbelief that smoke from a cigarette or any other source of similar size triggers the release of water from the fire sprinklers. It simply is not true because fire sprinklers are intended to prevent a fire from spreading and not to detect smoke. That is what smoke detectors do, although they cannot trigger water release, just warn you of smoke present in the room. All fire sprinkler companies can tell you that when installing the system in your premises.

Do fire sprinklers detect smoke and how are they set off?

Fire sprinklers are not triggered by smoke or vapor, but heat does set them off. They are designed to activate only when they detect a heat source nearby. They contain a small bulb in each individual head, filled with a special liquid. When the nearby temperature reaches a certain point, usually 155 to 165 degrees, the liquid boils, breaking the glass and setting off the sprinkler head.

There is another important aspect of fire sprinkler function which is often misunderstood. If the system detects a heat source it will not activate as a whole. Only the sprinkler head or heads nearest to the source will start spraying water. Usually, one or two are enough to extinguish the fire and they use significantly less water then you would have thought.

Proper installation and use of the system

When thinking of your fire sprinkler system, the key question to ask is not “Do fire sprinklers detect smoke?”, but whether your system is fully operational. To ensure this, you need to hire expert contractors to install them throughout the premises and according to the configuration. Subsequently, they need to be regularly inspected in case an emergency comes up.

Even though fire sprinklers can help douse the fire, you shouldn’t say no to smoke detectors. They may not have the possibility of water release, but a timely detection of smoke can help in preventing a fire before it even breaks out.

Do fire sprinklers detect smoke? Red Truck knows that and much more

Your first priority when it comes to fire sprinklers is making sure your system is kept in top shape. You can do that easily by calling Red Truck Fire & Safety Company for any type of inspection and testing. We are a reliable fire protection company which knows all about fire sprinkler systems, their installation and maintenance. Our service is top-notch and dedicated to making sure you are safe and your system is fully operational. Call us and see for yourself!

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