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Fire Sprinklers: Types and Activation

What are the different types of fire sprinklersInstalling fire sprinklers has become a legal requirement for a great number of properties, both commercial and residential. However, people often don’t know much about different fire sprinkler types and their activation process. Yet, learning more about fire sprinkler systems can help you understand how they function and ensure that they’re in excellent condition. 

Another important piece of information you need to know is how often they need to be serviced. Of course, it’s always advisable that you contact a dependable company to take care of maintenance. 

“And how can I find a trusted fire sprinkler service near me in Orange County?” Research! There are numerous options available, but it’s crucial that you pick a reputable provider with exceptional records. 

What are the different types of fire sprinklers?

To ensure the highest safety levels in your home or commercial property, not only do you have to have fire sprinklers installed, but you also need to pick the right type of fire sprinklers that are suitable for your premises. 

Here are the five common types of fire sprinklers:

  • Dry: This type of fire sprinklers is filled with air. When fire sprinkler heads activate, water goes to the pipes. Although this is a great option for countries with cold climates, it needs more time to respond since there’s no water in the pipes.
  • Wet: Unlike dry fire sprinkler systems, wet fire sprinklers contain water in the pipes and sprinkler heads. Once they’re activated, they immediately discharge water. In these systems, sprinkler heads are independent. However, wet fire sprinklers are more prone to freezing. 
  • Foam: This type of fire sprinklers discharges foam and water when activated. It’s most commonly used in commercial areas that contain highly inflammable materials and liquids, as well as hazardous items. 
  • Deluge: Unlike wet and dry systems, deluge fire sprinklers have only one trigger. It activates the sprinklers and opens the valves. Then, water is sent to the pipes and discharged through all the sprinklers at once. This type of fire sprinklers is commonly used in residential properties and commercial facilities that contain inflammable liquids. 
  • Pre-action: These fire sprinklers are a combination of wet and dry systems. They are highly flexible and effective, but slightly more complex and expensive. They can be found in museums, data centres, libraries, etc. 

How do fire sprinklers activate?

According to NFPA, people are more at risk of fire at their own homes rather than in public places. Not only are homeowners not properly informed about fire sprinkler systems, but they also don’t take all the precautionary measures required because they feel safest when they’re at home.

If you want to learn how to properly protect your home from fire, you should find out how exactly fire sprinklers work and what triggers them to activate first. 

Fire sprinklers explained

So, here’s what you need to know

How do fire sprinklers activate

. Fire sprinklers are actually made of a piping network. Typically, these pipes are filled with water which is then released through individual sprinklers. When it comes to their activation, the main trigger is increased air temperature. In most cases, fire sprinklers can put out the fire completely or at least contain it and prevent toxic smoke from spreading. 

One of the greatest advantages of fire sprinklers, especially those that contain water in their pipes, is the fact that they’re highly responsive. They need a minute to release from 10 to 25 gallons of water.

So, the installation of fire sprinklers is one of the wisest investments since it can protect you and your family and reduce damage to your property by controlling the fire and smoke.

Trusted fire sprinkler service experts near me in Orange County?

After informing yourself about fire sprinklers, the next step is to contact a reliable fire sprinkler provider in Orange County – Red Truck Fire & Safety. We’re highly qualified, licensed and experienced in providing fire sprinkler installation, maintenance and inspection services. Our team is here to help you choose the right system for your property and ensure your safety. 

After we’ve properly secured your home, you can take your family to Adventure City and have fun knowing that your home and family are completely safe. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!

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