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How to Choose a Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your household or office areas is a must. Fires are unpredictable and can break out at any time, potentially damaging property and harming people in the immediate surroundings. This is why fire extinguishers in Riverside CA is no longer a luxury, but a necessary item.

Purchasing a fire extinguisher at San Diego Red Truck Fire Co. is only the final part of the process. Before that, you need to get familiar with all the fire extinguisher types and uses in order to get the right one. We did some research for you, so read on to be informed before making the decision.

What type do you need?

Fire extinguishers differ by the type of fire they are good against and this is marked by three types of labels. These are A, B and C, respectively. Type A is good against ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood and trash. Type B is for flammable liquids such as gasoline or grease. Type C is intended for putting out fires in electrical equipment.

The best recommendation is to get a universal fire extinguisher, which can help with all three types of fires. Get a special type only if the area for which it’s intended is specific when it comes to surrounding items.

Which size fits?

There is no direct tie between the size of a fire extinguisher and its effectiveness, but you do need to consider its size. Several different sizes exist and choosing the right one depends on where it is going to be stored. For instance, you can take the smallest one and put it in your car where it won’t take up much space. Also, it can be useful in the kitchen to douse a small fire.

The larger types is best utilized in work areas or factories with plenty of flammable chemicals lying around. They are not meant to be carried far, but they have significantly more fillings than the smaller ones. Choosing a number of units to buy also depends on where they will be kept, that is, how large is the area they need to cover in case of a hazard.

Choose refillable or disposable?

There are two types of fire extinguishers when it comes to recharging the level of repellent – refillable or disposable. As their names suggest, the first type can be recharged after use and returned to its original position, while the second one should be replaced with a completely new one. There is no wrong choice here, it only depends on your calculations, as rechargeable ones are somewhat expensive than disposable ones.

How to use a fire extinguisher?

Having a fire extinguisher is not enough when it comes to safety, you should also know how to use it if the need arises. Best way to remember how to do so is to memorize the acronym PASS. it stands for:

Pull the safety pin

Aim the extinguisher at the source of the flame

Squeeze the handle or the trigger

Sweep the extinguisher until the fire goes out

The experts on fire extinguisher types and uses in Riverside CA

Red Truck Fire & Safety Company is at your disposal for all kinds of advice on choosing a fire extinguisher for your commercial or fire extinguishers for home in Riverside County. We offer the best quality units and provide expert fire extinguisher installation, fire extinguisher numbers explanation,  inspection and testing best fire extinguisher services.

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